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This is a combo deck. Your goal is to play a discounted Death on turn 6, alongside another significant card, while only allowing your opponent to play one card on turn 6. Details below:

  • You (or your opponent) need to destroy at least two cards before turn 6. This reduces the cost of Death by 2 (or more, if more cards were destroyed).
  • You need to play Wave on turn 5 and have Death in hand (or draw into her on turn 6)
  • When turn 6 begins, Death's cost will be set to 4, but then it will be reduced by the number of destroyed cards. She may even cost zero, depending on the situation.
  • Thus, you can play Death and another big card, while your opponent can only play one card (usually).

Variation: If you have destroyed two cards already, and you have Death, Odin, and Wave in hand, you can play Wave on turn 4, then play Odin on her location for turn 5, then do the combo on turn 6. NOTE - If you are doing the Odin plan, you must never play Wave on the same location as Carnage or Deathlok. If you do, Odin will proc their battlecry first, killing both Wave and Odin and ruining your plan entirely.

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