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I’m still rather new to Marvel Snap having started at the end of the year, but I wanted to share the deck I’ve had the most luck with: Reveal Chain. 


First off, being a veteran of many card games throughout the years, I look for cards that allow me to have a flexible strategy in game. Nothing feels worse than getting backed into a corner by your own poor deck design. This is what cards like Absorbing Man, Wave and Zabu bring. Absorbing Man can be used in a chain like T3 Wave, T4 Doom, T5 AM and T6 Odin to flood the secondary locations with 5 power tokens. AM can also be combined with other powerful on reveal effects in the same turn (if you were lucky enough to get Zabu in play on time) to just flip the game state and secure a win or forfeit. 


Wave also just doesn’t need to be played to cheat a big thing on turn 4. It can disrupt combos or be played turn 5 when you have Zabu in play to allow the ability to play a base 6 and 4 cost card on turn 6 to secure a win. Likewise Psylocke can be used on T2 to cheat out a 4 drop early or you can save it if you have Zabu in hand to combo with a 4 drop to get 6 energy turn 5 and arrest tempo with 3 4 drops or an early Doom. I won’t speak much more on Zabu, but he allows most of the normal win conditions in this deck to work. 


Shang-Chi, Spiderman, Rockslide and White Queen are just some of the most powerful 4 drops I can get my hands in the game. The latter two have good stats with a beneficial effect, and the other two have some of the strongest effects in the game. Tempo a combo in turn with AM and Zabu in play to win the game in most matchups. 


The final two inclusions to touch on are Crystal and Enchantress. Crystal is there as a reset button if I’ve drawn poorly. Psylocke into Crystal has saved me in a lot of games. Enchantress is currently occupying this deck’s tech slot. Swap that out to help with whatever is causing you the most grief in the field of play. Other options include, but are definitely not limited to Cosmo, Leader and Killmonger. 


I hope you have fun out there with this list if you want to try it. Laddering can be slow though as despite a high winrate, it is mostly due to people who just retreat at one or 2 cubes. Someone who is better with the snap mechanics of the laddering system will probably take this quite a bit farther and faster than me. 

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