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This is an improved version of the Deathwave deck, which I have posted previously in another form. It's a combo deck.

Just to summarize, the entire goal of the deck is to kill your own stuff in the early game, and try to secure a solid lead at least one location if possible. Then, on turn 5, you play Wave. On turn 6, you play Death + Hulk or Taskmaster.

You need at least two things to die before or on turn 5 in order for the combo to work. You also need to draw all the pieces (obviously).

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You can still win, even if it doesn't work, but it depends. If you have Wave, Hulk, and Taskmaster on turn 4, but no Wave, you can play Wave on turn 4 instead, then do Hulk on 5, then do Taskmaster on 6. Or if Death gets severely discounted, you can play her early, and follow up with Taskmaster.

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