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"I'm Echo, I play only on US and I cry every night before I go to bed as I know the 'glory days' of Hearthstone are never going to return. Why can't Blizzard bring back old powerful cards like Undertaker, Warsong Commander and other perfectly balanced cards into today's metagame as that way we can have 'good decks' instead of no skill combo/control/quintessential archetype decks that are in the game as of now.

Currently only have a golden rogue and hunter and I'm nowhere close with any of the other classes because miracle rogue is the only good deck that has existed in Hearthstone, excluding my own lists since they are all meta-defining lists that would see play if it weren't for the overwhelming amount of (countering deck) in the current metagame.

I try to be as helpful as I can when it comes to judging new cards, so I just make long lists of stuff and sometimes get upvotes. After all, how can I judge my self-worth when my latest post does not have at least 5 upvotes. I also make shitty decks that are overly complicated/have a negative winrate/overly toxic yet I enjoy playing since I'm a parasitic leach on the Hearthstone Community. After all, if you aren't being a leach and are trying to do stuff for the 'greater good' of the community, you should just stop as nobody cares about that stuff.


-My old bio back on Hearthpwn. I'm not funny enough to try and rewrite this mess.