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    Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

    I imagine this is intended to combo with Plot Twist and a large hand (maybe a control-style warlock that naturally has a large hand).

    If you play this combo in a demon-heavy version in Wild, Bloodreaver Gul'dan gets pretty silly because each copied demon dies before it can be Psychic Scream'd or something.  Looking at you Doomguard.  This might be part of why Doomguard got rotated btw--they may have tried this in-house and felt it was a straight-to-wild sorta combo even without Gul'dan.  I'm looking forward to seeing a youtube video of this even it doesn't end up legitimately viable on the ladder.

    Another thing to consider: later in the game, with a big hand, you would be drawing back many of the same cards since your deck would be small by that point.  If you hold stuff until your deck is empty, you could guarantee the results. Dunno if it's good enough to beat all the crazy stuff in wild already but this card is stronger than it looks alone.