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    I saw Kibler run a Healadin deck that used Ashmore to draw a Cairne. I just don’t have either legendary, so I haven’t tried it.

    Scalehide, I dunno. You generally aren’t down health on turn 2, unless you’re playing hunter, and even then Scalehide can’t remove a Hyena. There just aren’t enough buffs to make it good later on. And while a lot of healing eventually goes face, I find the flexibility of healing minions with Farseer and Potion Vendor enables Templars earlier and lets you make better trades. Scalehide doesn’t have that flexibility.

    But I dunno. I cut Kings when I cut the mech stuff, and I’m winning a lot more, but its possible Kings still has a place. However,I don’t see what I could cut to have both Kings and Scalehide, and without Kings Scalehide is a lot worse.