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    Posted 1 year, 11 months ago
    Quote From Demonxz95
    Quote From Leolph

    Gifts of the Black Prince

    Flavor text: "How greedy are you, my friend?"

    If the picture does not show: Legendary neutral minion (Dragon), 4 mana cost, 3/4 stats, "Battlecry: Each player draws all Legendary cards from his deck."

    The Black Prince is also known as Wrathion and is a major character in the World of Warcraft lore. 

    Short version: He grants legendary items which can be upgraded per WoW expansion. 
    Long version: You can find more informations about him here

    Welcome aboard.

    A few things I'd like to mention is that Golden cards are not allowed during competitions. It can be used as an unfair, unnecessary grab for views, and it also sometimes makes it hard to tell what card a class is from. I thought it was a Priest card until I read that it's Neutral.

    In addition to that, the effect should specify "their" deck and not "his" deck as you can play as female heroes (and being Neutral, you don't even have to use a workaround to do this), or in various modes like Tavern Brawl or sometimes PvE, something with no discernible gender. The card also shouldn't be tagged as a Dragon, as dragons in their human forms, i.e (ironically) Wrathion are not tagged as Dragons in the game.

    As for the effect, it seems too powerful to tutor all your Legendaries instantly (which in and of itself, is disadvantageous to F2P or low budget players), and the text is in really weird spots. There shouldn't be a line break after Battlecry. The name also does not suggest it to be a minion. It sounds more like a spell, yet it appears to have been made as a minion in mind. The card also has no watermark either.


    Hey there, thanks for this feedback!

    I fixed all the issues you mentioned and created a new card in my post. Inspired by the F2P aspect I also removed the powerful tutor effect (although I love tutor cards) and replaced it with the discover keyword with the additiol condition we learned from the latest expansion (keeping all 3).

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    Posted 1 year, 11 months ago

    Party Pioneer

    Flavor text: "How greedy are you, my friend? Let's have a legendary party!"

    If the picture does not show: Legendary neutral minion, 4 mana cost, 3/4 stats, "Battlecry: Discover a Legendary card from your opponent's deck. If your deck has no Legendary cards, keep all 3."

    Symbol: Custom "Gift" symbol taken from Hearthcards Card Generator, don't know if there are special rules about the set symbol during card creation competitions. If so, please let me know.

    Edit: Removed first try, replaced with this second try

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

    While it is nice that the current Hearthpwn content may not be lost I think that outof.cards will still be the first place I will look when it comes to Hearthstone content and here is why:

    - We already know the team, especially Flux, and their passion of the game which will be heavily reflected in the work of this homepage

    - A fresh beginning is always better than to try to fix "old" stuff, and the website of Hearthpwn is really "old"

    - The community has more possibilities to engage in a new website, while on Hearthpwn there will be the "old hardliners" who want to keep Hearthpwn the way that they know the site and on the other hand the rebells who want Hearthpwn to be a new thing and split community will not have the powerful synergies like a united community we have on outof.cards


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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago
    Quote From Chimera

    [...] Everyone has different reasons and purposes for wanting to create deck lists for themselves on their own accounts, from trying to get the most upvotes and influence the meta to just saving a decklist for later where it is easily accessible [...]




    Well, we already know it from Hearthpwn that the voting system has a lot of flaws. When a deck is promoted by an article, that deck will be "the deck" for deck type X, when a specific well known user posts decks those will get more attention because a lot of people follow them already. Moreover it was important to post decks on a specific day to have a chance to get into the "new decks for class X" section and if you were lucky enough and the first visitors upvote it goes upstairs but the same applies for the other direction.

    The bloated database system we know from Hearthpwn was horrible for deckbuilders. If you create a unique deck, write a guide and share this deck with others you want feedback. Hearthpwn could not deliver that and it's very sad if this site goes the same way.

    Oh, and if you just want a site to save your own decks then you can do that better with a deckcode/screenshot on your twitter account - the chances you get feedback are way higher than on any deck database site.

    But I don't want to be impatient, we will see how the site will develop the next weeks/months.


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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago
    Quote From Fluxflashor

    [...] You end up with a problem then of the person that creates it first dictates how it evolves on the site, at least without a crazy amount of moderation.

    [...]There are plans for more tools to help people find actual useful content and there will be incentives for people to make good guides. 

    [...]Ultimately, people should be allowed to use the site to share their decks and keep a record of decks they enjoyed playing. I think HearthPwn did a very good job with that, it just needs more powerful filters to let people find good content easier. Content discovery is going to be big here instead of simply deck discovery.


    While I respect your opinion a lot and certainly understand why you want to go the same way Hearthpwn did I really hoped that this site would go into a complete different approach concering the deck database.

    I know that the moderation amount for decks would be larger than before, but if you prevent dupe decks it would not only be in a size that humans could handle, it would also give the option to involve the community more with moderation. Imagine it as a kind of wiki, you have a comprehensible deck database and a community that cares about the content.

    Creating a huge deck database and trying to code scripts/tools so that the visitor of this site might find a deck he would like is not only the harder task (in my opinion Hearthpwn failed on that task which is why I stopped posting my decks there), it's in the long run also the wrong way (in my humble opinion of course). There are still enough other sites going this approach, so if you have the chance to build something new - why try to build the same thing others already have only a bit greener with more dots?

    Concerning people allowing to post decks they enjoy just provides to the same problem - bloating the database. If the deck is already in the database, they can comment there like "I love this deck, played 10000 games of it" and follow any changes the original poster adds to the guide. And in any other case, he could create a new deck copy and just change 1 card which might be the same deck with the same strategy but with another tech card which could lead into 29 different iterations of the same deck. You see, even if you approach my suggested way, the database would still be huge but with a very high quality.

    Just forcing quantity with finder-tools for the database is nothing new and not innovative. Maybe most people just want another copy of Hearthpwn because they were happy with it and you just want to do that. Well, then go for it and I if it is like this I wish you the best luck with it.

    Just my 2 cents and maybe no one cares what I have written here, but if only 1 guy agrees it was worth typing it ;)



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    Posted 2 years, 12 months ago

    This guy https://outof.cards/members/pcjco posted over 100 decks on ONE DAY and all of them DO NOT HAVE A F***ING GUIDE.

    I hated this so much on hearthpwn, just spamming decks and the endless number of dupe decks without any description.

    PLEASE prevent this early enough, it's easy to identify 100% identical decks. Stop the dupe decks and remove decks that have no description / guide.

    Quality > Quantity


    Edit: Just saw that the decks this guy posted are deck recipes, but still, the message keeps the same.
    No description is a no go, maybe just collect them in a single forums post.

    Here is another guy https://outof.cards/members/octrange with 12 decks on the same day. No descriptions, no guides. Just delete them, please.


    You can see how the database is already blown up with such spam:

    Decks with guides: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/?has_guide=2 - 12 pages

    Decks with no guides https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/?page=31&has_guide=3 - 31 pages



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    Posted 2 years, 12 months ago

    Besides the settled meta there are some cards which are not played that much.
    The best class for shuffle synergies besides Bomb Warrior is Warlock because of Plot Twist.

    There are also a lot of other cards with shuffle or "when you draw this" effects. I made a warlock deck called "Circuslock" with a small guide to showcase some of these synergies, I hope you like it and give some feedback. I think those kind of cards are very underrated in the current meta, what do you think?

    Here is the deck: