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    This Reno Tavish Quest Hunter deck has the main plan A and 3 alternative plans ( let"s call them Plans B, C and D).

    Alternative plans are easy that"s three titans of the deck Zul'jin and two Yoggs: Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate ( as hearthstone is a fun game let some random choose your fate).

    The main plan "A" is typical to all reno decks,  but atypical to hunter as a class. We need to survive and complete the quest with the help of great number of spells that can either control the board or the face of course)) (the balance here must be find during the game). Here we have the base reno stuff, defensive secrets pack and Rinling's Rifle to discover more of them. Also we have Lock and Load to reload our hand and the 3-slot cards are discovering spells ( Venomous Scorpid and Entrapped Sorceress ) or maybe a copy of one titan from the plans B, C or D by Stitched Tracker .

    But the core cards are Defend the Dwarven District and Dragonbane, that after completing quest and with a pair of cheep spells will demolish the enemy.

    Hope you will enjoy playing this deck!!!