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I've been playing Hearthstone for 2 years now, having joined in the KFT expansion and never quitting, and it has its ups and downs. As a f2p player, I have sectioned myself off to 2 classes that I like the most: Priest and Warlock. I only did this so I could begin crafting less 'safe' cards and begin the deck experimentation process. At the moment my efforts are directed towards Priest as that continues to be my favourite class flavor and gameplay wise. I don't play wild simply beacuse I don't have much of a collection there, so I focus most of my attention to standard. Only recently have I begun experimenting with new cards in decks but I'm enjoying it a lot and I hope to get more refined data to my decks. If you have any critiques of my decks please share them, I want to make them the best they could possibly be.


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