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    Posted 4 hours ago

    I stand by my argument that the buffs are exceptionally low impact.

    But the nerfs that occurred essentially made the game playable again.

    1. Disintegrate is now a 2 of

    2. Barrier bro is lower impact.

    3. Challenger rock bird is a formidable card

    4. Buff drakes can't get overwhelm

    5. Legion whatever was a dumb card

    This means that while burst tricks still suck, you literally run 0 right now, unless you really need them for synergy

    You can build decks fairly easily that follow the play scary things, removal, card advantage template and not get punished.

    Or play aggro, or high synergy, or control, or midrange or whatever you want.

    Brewing is viable again, vanilla stuff playable, and overall you can have fun.

    Thank God.

    Here's 3 decks for you to try that perform well:

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    Posted 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Well there's only 4 champ changes.

    Heckarim, Irelia, Kalista, shen

    None of the vanilla card changes are impactful.

    Like out of the bunch heckarim is the scariest.

    The game has slowed down to the point that just card advantage plus playing scary stuff is more important then turbo leveling, or high synergy decks.

    Option 2 just control things out.

    Like for me I'll start believing Lor is heading in a good direction again when Swim starts playing and he hasn't touched the game since sundisc the last fun shakeup.

    Because playing decks that do things quickly is more fun then playing decks that do things slowly. Kinda obvious when you put it that way.

    Its why MTG always had things like mono blue tempo, as an alternative to mono red aggro, and 3 color control. Sometimes I don't want every match to be 15 minuite slug fest, sometimes I just want to flip and swing.

    But I'm in the minority burst spells have been nerfed across the board, removal buffed, slow plays prioritized, and there's nothing that can be done about it.

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    Posted 3 days, 2 hours ago

    Gotta say comming off two of the best patches in Lor history that had massive gameplay ramifications to the extent of creating a new viable archetype - sundisc.

    The most recent patch essentially does nothing...vaporize is still the most cost effective piece of removal in the game by a factor of 3 fast speed mana.

    And the majority of cards that have been changed have a net 0 impact on the game with Shen being the only successfully tweaked champ for the better.

    Gotta say Riot sure is scared of making the pro players sad these days but surely spinning your wheels with 40 plus card changes with a net 0 impact is essentially a giant waste of your staffs talented time and effort.

    Find your balls again Riot take risks shake up the meta you did it before do it again.

    ‐-----------side note--------

    1. Most of the changes are unintentional buffs for meta decks. Sunlight blade nerfs hits Targon when buff dragon decks were already in decline.

    2. Rock drake lost challenger so now the only decent counter to Annie got deleted, lolz

    3. They successfully nerffed Thralls and Legion deserter recent cancers essentially created as a result of this horrible expansion

    4. They tried buffing Azir Irelia and midrange freijord but it won't be enough.

    5. There's still no reason not to run Annie card piles, she essentially gives any control deck the ability to set your opponent to 14-16 draw you a creature that 2 for ones, and increase your removal by 1 point, and gives you an overwhelm creature.

    Talk about missing the point Riot

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    Posted 1 week ago

    Actually I didn't know that.

    But thanks for confirming my correctness.

    What a pal :)

    Like I've literally been saying this meta is hot streamer bate garbage since the expansion came out.

    So the likelihood that I read a tweet that didn't come out yet to base that assessment is trolly at best and insane at worst.

    But yes 40+ card changes to fix all the broken stuff streamers/pro players whispered in Riots ear while they were advising for this expansion sounds like the perfect remedy to me.

    Very happy.

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    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    Ultimately, we will see what Riot does when they get off their summer hiatus.

    If we see a round of balance patches similar to the ones we got pre-expansion we'll know I was right.

    If we see no radical changes to the meta for the next 6 months I'll be wrong and that's just how this game is now.

    No skin off my nose either way.

    Also here's sunny mirroring my sentiments that this meta is oppressive:

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    Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

    Having every deck with the highest play rates of 10% and lower have 53% winrates down to 50% and below.

    Has never been the case for as long as I've been playing LOR and recording these statistics.

    Thats what I'm referring to.

    Which could only possible happen in a highly oppressive meta where nothing is "very good."

    Like literally the best deck with the highest playrate is spiders and youre correct its a pre-expansion deck that had an astounding 53% winrate because everything more interesting has been grounded into the statistical dirt.

    You dont see a problem with that?

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    Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

    Its not that every archetype is succeeding, it's that every archetype isn't succeeding.

    Therefore the only sucessful decks are non-archetypal.

    Which in a game that is supposed to encourage synergistic deck building topped off by specific champions, means that the current meta is antithetical to its core design principals.

    Aka...that's bad.

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    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    Final meta stats for the expansion by play rate.

    There isn't a single list being played right now above 53% because "decks" are bad right now.

    Card piles are great, lists that don't try to do anything or have any sort of win con are excelling.

    Now why is this problematic that every single deck that tries to do anything only wins 53% or less in a card game about synergies and deck building?

    Probably don't have to explain it to you but nobody will want to brew anymore or play specific archetypes or role play as specific Champs.

    Its sad really that we went from patches that had the highest deck diversity in LOR with healthy winrates across the board 

    To everything essentially being bad because they cancel each other out, or are too wincon specific to be flexible enough to win in a meta where trying to win a specific way is bad.

    Would of said I told you so but these numbers by play rate quantifiable prove I was right.

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    Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Typically when I see a single champ occupying 3 different decks diversity comes into question.

    Viego is over represented

    Bard is over represented

    Annie is over represented

    Illoi is over represented 

    What I'm not seeing is every other champ actually leveling on play in decks designed to do so.

    Because leveling doesn't matter in a meta with such over performing control staples, and just the ability to put insane numbers on board.

    Why would you ever want to invest 30 cards into leveling 1 card ever again.

    Too bad that's kind of the only reason to play this game over any other ccg.

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    Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just going to list a number of dead archetypes that could return and signal a possitive direction for the game 

    1. Fiora Shen - Archetypal midrange pkg that plays for value and challenges and board interaction that no longer has a place in the game. 

    2. Swain TF - A healthy and balanced control deck that only goes off on turn 8 and no longer has a place in the meta.

    3. YOI - Love it or hate it Tristana is a card that needs to exist in some form and be playable.

    4. Viktor Riven - The buffs to Viktor were an amazing possitive development that got killed this expansion

    5. Darkness - One for one spell and creature trading control that no longer has a place in this meta (very saj)

    6. Vlad Braum - Landmark creep is a thing and a 3 mana landmark granting your units tough and a minor stat buff just ain't it anymore

    7. Tahm Kench Soraka - these Champs are so dead they are zombified but it was a unique deck while it lasted.

    8. Banerman/Elites - Mono anything just isn't doing well right now unfortunately, and I do crave the simpler times when allegiance was a valid archetype.

    9. Kenin - What an awesome card but unfortunately Ionia is massively under represented right now along with bandle city 

    10. Zigs Landmark - what a fun card with a fun play pattern, and a fun level up, and fun unique deck building

    11. Nami Fizz - Another example of a very high synergy and interesting play pattern deck just dead in the water. 

    12. Shivana Fury - pretty interesting short lived archetype where you just make her as big as possible with double Fury triggers till she takes off to the sky

    13. Day break - Another high synergy midrange deck that just doesn't cut it anymore because it's too "fair" and "balanced"

    14. Kindred control - The idea of running a champ that has conditional removal as opposed to disintegrates guaranteed removal is a joke and thats the problem

    15. Renekton Overwhelm - the sands will be stained with their blood, need I say more?

    16. Gangplank Sejunai - yeah midrange plunder overstayed it's welcome but it was a unique deck that prioritized leveled Champs and it gets the win in my book 

    17 . Discard aggro - I don't care if it's Jinx, Draven, or Sion or Rumble it's a sad day when the 30 discard cards that exist can't be played

    18. Nasus Slay - can you imagine going for atrocity lethals in a world where vaporize exists? Yeah me neither.

    19. Asol Ramp - ramp decks that don't aim to put 20 stats in board with feel the rush are essentially useless, so why would you ever try to level Asol?

    20. TF Cassino - there is an entire collection of cards dedicated to leveling TF and playing slot bot or riptide junior that can not be played in this meta.

    There we go 20 decks that are awesome, high synergy, and interesting in LOR 

    That will never see play again because they are too fair and balanced.

    So when I say that the current meta is not great, I'm referring to the fact that the card pool for brewing is limited to about 5% right now and that's the lowest it's ever been.

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    Posted 3 weeks ago

    I'm very rational.

    Patches that balance every aspect of the entire champion and deck archetype roster are good 

    We got 2 of those.

    Expansions that result in the meta boiling down to 3 Annie decks, 3 Bard decks, 3 Illoi decks and Viego card piles are bad.

    Meanwhile established archetypes drop 3-5% winrate which are largely more interesting 

    So pretty sure this is as calculated and accurate as a meta oppinion can get.

    Like the fact that Illoi has Tahm Kench stats while being an Elise is dumb she puts up 56% winrates in every deck.

    Bard and Annie are problematic for different reasons for restricting deck building. One guarantees you outscale your opponent and the other has guaranteed lethal in certain situations.

    None of this is good and healthy for the game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see players taking a solid break till this stuff gets tweaked.

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    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Dude these numbers are way down.

    I dont care how much copium you want to huff.

    Riot knows too they are looking at things like concede rates.

    Time spent in game 


    Deck diversity

    Pre-expansion post expansion.

    They've announced they are re-focusing on pvp because this expansion didn't hit right 

    Like I really dont need to argue I just need to wait 30 days till they start doing what they were doing before.

    Properly rebalancing Champs, cards, and deck archetypes.

    Then we won't have to look at 3 Illoi decks and call it diversity.

    Or viego piles, or targons Peak, or just general a-synergistic crap that nobody wants seeing play over valid champ archetypes with unique decks.

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    Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Opting for the pro player stats this time to see if the declining winrate phenomenon and weird deck optimizations were holding true.

    Here we see:

    Aggro Annie sub 50%

    Control Annie 51%

    Thralls 53%

    Bard Zed 50%

    Deep 51%

    Elise, Katarina, Viego - who cares

    Lurk 50%

    Ezreal, Catlyn 52%

    Pantheon 53

    And a bunch of new blah lists nobody cares about.

    My point is when Majin Bae's website is saying things are sweaty butt, things are sweaty butt 

    All this off the recent announcement that Riot knows they need to refocus on pvp, and it's no surprise things are a mess.

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    Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Riot has essentially admitted that pvp is a mess and that additional focus needs to be brought to the table.

    Only problem, it will be a month till we start seeing those amazing champion balance patches and card tweaks we were getting before.

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    Posted 4 weeks ago

    I'll use some examples from mtg.

    Sacrificial altar, flames of intention, companions when they were first released.

    All nerfed in some way because they were "op"

    But what does op mean in a card game, how can something be over powered in a play tested card game with normalized stats?

    9/10 times cards are changed or metas are considered bad because players are articulating the "squeeze" 

    The narrowing of the playfield the restrictions on fun, the I can't play the stuff I want to play anymore.

    Pro-players on the other hand only care about laddering with established archetypes a narrow meta is good for them it makes it a matter of statistics and time.

    So you have a tug of war satisfy your players and Mogwai stops streaming, satisfy your pro players and viewerships decline anyway because nobody is playing your damn game.

    So 1 make the players happy 2. Throw the pros a bone every now and then so they feel important.

    Do not however ever forget to put the players first or you'll die like gwent.


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    Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    None of this is beside the point it is the point.

    You have two metas broad with many available archetypes, and narrow with only a few polarizing archetypes.

    One is good, one is bad.

    Thats all there is, that is meta.

    If bad card design is released it will narrow the meta, if good card design is released it will broaden the meta.

    Everything else is just noise.

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    Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    We had something like 10-12 viable decks last patch that where 56% and up.

    Here are the list of casualties.

    1. Riven Viktor

    2. Aphelios

    3. YOA

    4. Feel the rush

    5. Azir Irelia

    6. Sundisc

    7. Pirate aggro

    8. Temo Catlyn

    9. Darkness (saj)

    10. Every gnar deck

    11. Every Swain deck

    12. Every buffed stance deck

    What did we get:

    1. Deep

    2. Thralls

    3. 3 Illoi decks

    4. 3 Annie decks

    This is what we call a dumb streamer expansion.

    It narrows deck variety, makes grinding ladder easier/more polarizing to tech into 

    It decreases the number of lists required to store in your deck trackers.

    100% not a disaster, but considering how possitive the last two major patches were for this game this is a gold immunity gwent train wreck.

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    Posted 1 month ago

    We're entering into one of the most polarizing metas we've ever seen in LOR.

    Winrates are down across the board and only very selective deck types are sucessful currently.

    You have slow decks that go big, and slow decks that control.

    You have aggro decks that go fast and burn decks that go burrr.

    Midrange however, is arguable worse than its ever been and as a result is very unfriendly to brewing in general.

    Oh you want to try playing Swain that's a 45% 

    Ekko not even on the map

    Sundisc dead

    Every bard deck is 50%

    Generally speaking LOR is a game that is more fun when synergy is strong last patch with a million archetypes being viable, and is less fun when I just want to play cool stuff equals I feel like I have cancer and want to die.

    This ultimately feels like a streamer expansion, like they got them all in a room to provide ideas for what they thought was fun and would help them climb and kinda neglected the whole 90% of the player base kind of thing.

    Just my two cents, high synergy equals fun, card piles equals zzzzz.

    I'm not even sure I'm seeing Champs flip anymore that aren't free like Annie or Illoi. 

    Like say what you want about movie time but players earned that sheeet. 

    Aggro, control equals kill me.

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    Posted 1 month ago

    Hard to say, Deep and Thralls became viable again just by offering more support.

    So believing Yassao or Kindred is similar isn't crazy so much as wishful thinking.

    That being said the new double stun in noxious and stun spider are great for him, they just aren't amazing op.

    In a world with massive buffs, insane burn, and giant tentacles.

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    Posted 1 month ago

    The main reason Yassao doesn't work is that his deck struggles when he isn't drawn.

    So you want to go Targon to tutor, but now you're not getting access to noxious which has his best support cards.

    So generally speaking I think right now the double legion general setup is correct

    I might be wrong but those 9/9 legion generals are a pretty solid oh no no Yassao but I still win option