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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    You forgot about Aimed Shot ;)

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago
    Previous threads:

    TIME-SENSITIVE ALERT: If you didn't get Varian Wrynn, you can take advantage of the current full refund period to craft him, get the achievement, and DE him at no cost. Act now!

    I'm making this thread a liiiiiittle early because I want to help people take advantage of what may well be a time-limited opportunity: completing the Rogue and Priest questline-related achievements without owning the required cards. The only alternate way to complete these achievements is to steal the questline rewards from an opposing player, and the Day 1 meta presents a great opportunity for this, as people will be playing unoptimized meme decks and trying out their fancy new cards. It could happen that these questline decks are unviable and almost impossible to find on ladder afterwards, and this is pretty hard to pull off. There are other questline-related achievements, but these two are the only ones that require a one-time event and are therefore viable for these purposes. So how is this done?


    Instant Gratification: Draw the Purified Shard the same turn you shuffle it into your deck.

    The simplest way to do this is by waiting until they play the questline reward, then on your turn playing Mindrender Illucia + Lorekeeper Polkelt + Prize Vendor or any 'draw a card' effect like a Loot Hoarder or Bloodmage Thalnos deathrattle. Note that tutor effects of any kind ignore deck order, although they do not change Polkelt's ordering of the deck. This will of course only work if your opponent doesn't draw the shard the same turn they play their questline reward. Example deck: AAECAa0GBPvRA/bWA6iKBJegBA3LzQP73wOS5AOhoASY6gP44wPBnwSFnwS24QPXzgOZ6wPo7wPWoAQA

    Okay, but what if I don't own Mindrender Illucia? I don't have her either, unfortunately. It's still possible, although it gets a lot messier, with Rogue. The main thrust of the combo will always be Faceless Manipulator + Shadowstep + play questline reward for 3 mana. From there, you need to have played Potion of Illusion on either a Lorekeeper Polkelt or a Primordial Protector so that you can play it for 1 mana here. The nice thing is that both of these cards help you draw the Potion of Illusion from your deck. If you went the Polkelt route, you also need a draw effect that same turn, which can be set up in advance by Silverleaf Poison but can be included in that same turn via discount or coin generation effects with Prize Vendor. Also, if you're lucky, you can steal the reward through Plagiarize. Example deck: AAECAYO6AgTl0QP21gOoigTl0QMN5dMDkuQDmOoDqesDq+sD3uwD9p8E958EoaAErKAE6/YDtuEDitADAA==



    Expecting an Exploding Pen?: Play every Spy Gizmo in one game.

    This is also done with Rogue. The good thing is you don't need to force the shard draw like in the Priest achievement, but you do need to play 5 1-mana cards, and ideally speaking you want to do this the very same turn you steal the reward, to ensure consistency. The same Faceless Manipulator + Shadowstep + play questline reward for 3 mana base combo remains, however to play all 5 Spy Gizmos you need 13 mana in one turn. Options include: Backstabing an Efficient Octo-bot, aka the dream scenario. Generating enough coins through Loan Shark and Tomb Pillager. Discounting the spell-based Spy Gizmos with Preparation. Having the reward through Plagiarize so you don't need extra mana in the first place. Generally speaking, some combination of these options should get you through. You should note though, that you need the hand space when you play the questline reward. And also that the opponent is likely to play the stealth-giving Spy Gizmo on their questline reward the turn they play it, so you should plan to weather that 9/7. Example deck: AAECAYO6AgKoigSXoAQOzrkDx84D5dMD590DkuQDmOoDq+sDkZ8E9p8E958EoaAErKAE6qAE6/YDAA==


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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I've finally reached level 226, which was my goal for this expansion cycle. Combined with reaching level 174 for the Darkmoon track, it puts my total levels at an even 400 for the cumulative levels achievement. Now I just have to reach an even 200 every time to stay on track with my hero skin rewards! I may reach 227, since I have one 'extra' daily quest out of the three I plan on saving for the Stormwind launch. No XP boosts here. According to calculations, I would have been around level 270 with the boosts.

    During this period, I purchased 63 packs, 3 hero skins at 1500, the miniset, and the Power Core card back. Which means I spent roughly 13400 gold and earned roughly 12000. That I still have 9300 gold right now is a testament to how little money I spent during Darkmoon (I only purchased 15 Darkmoon packs)! Cosmetic purchases aside, I'm usually happy to simply slowly roll my way to having 100% of rares. As a Wild player I only craft specific things here and there and the packs from ranked rewards, promotions, events, drops, and tavern brawls are enough for my needs.

    We'll see how Stormwind pans out. Best of luck to all.

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    This deck is a little unique because it has basically no Stormwind cards, even though it revolves utterly and completely around a Stormwind card... that isn't included in this deck. The sole purpose of this decklist is to allow you to complete the Bolner Hammerbeak achievement without having to spend any dust or needing Bolner himself at all. Please check it out, I think it's pretty clever if i do say so myself ;)

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    That's right, I never had golden Vol'jin, he is/was tavern pass exclusive and I am f2p. However now that he is an achievement reward, I can't get him because I already had the achievement completed. Also the Horde Operative, Burning Blade Acolyte, and Primordial Protector achievements only reward x1 golden copies instead of x2, for whatever reason.

    I'm also wondering what's going to happen to regular Mankrik and Shadow Hunter Vol'jin.

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Yeah except if you already completed the achievements, it doesn't let you claim the new rewards. Woop dee doo.

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    Posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    this will never happen. the entire point of these bundles is that they're only purchasable before the cards are actually released, BEFORE you can make an actual informed purchasing decision. that's why they also put in a bunch of exclusive limited time cosmetics in these prepurchase bundles - first it was card backs, then it was hero skins, and now they're putting limited time BG cosmetics in them as well. they're weaponizing FOMO to goad you into spending 80 dollars thrice a year on a game that takes less development resources than many 20 dollar games on the market.

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    Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Wailing Caverns Achievement Guide


    Hungry Hungry Murloc: Just put Mutanus the Devourer in your decks, maybe while you're grinding out other achievements. He's a very solid card, so it's not like this is a problem or anything.

    Adventure is Out There: Summon 100 adventurers. Irrelevant, this is basically a prerequisite for...

    Friends Like Me: *ahem* FUCK THIS ACHIEVEMENT. Like I said earlier, it's less than a 1% chance to get this achievement when casting Party Up! What I did was use a stall n' heal Paladin deck in Wild, with a lot of draw mixed in: AAEBAZ8FBv37AqCAA86HA9D3A7aKBJegBAycAtn+As+GA+yGA9KKA5asA8rBA8vNA5jqA8zrA/7sA+yfBAA= You may want to consider using cards like Lorekeeper Polkelt or Lord Barov in this deck as well. Combined with HS Deck Tracker flashing my taskbar when my turn started, I could play while doing something else, since you barely have to pay attention to what your opponent is doing anyways. Just draw and play both copies of Party Up! (it helps that adventurers can have rush or taunt to minimize the tempo hit) and if you play both copies, concede immediately and start a new match. There may be something to generating more copies of Party Up! in one match but I feel like this is consistent and faster. Did I mention this took me 123 matches? If you haven't done the original Barrens achievements, this seems like a good place to grind out some of the othe neutral ones as well.


    Tormented Hearts: Not as bad as it seems, just 14 matches with my standard deck. Taintheart Tormenter is a huge body that requires an answer and so you will naturally cash in spells if you play it on a relatively empty board. Raging Felscreamer helps you get it out on tempo. Lots of heal and stall and draw. Deck: AAECAea5AwbO0gP21gOoigS2igSXoATsoAQM+84DzdIDh9QD9eMDmOoD/u0DoO4Dg58E1J8EoaAEsaAEtKAEAA==

    Puppy Power: So yeah, Celestial Alignment counts for this, which makes it pretty trivial and quick. I just threw together this wild deck with Alignment and some big defensive Druid beasts like Winged Guardian, Umbral Owl, and Grizzled Guardian. Only 4 matches: AAEBAZICBIvmAtaZA9ulA7XsAw1f6QGHzgKe0gK/8gKP9gL/tQPougPe0QPw1AOJ4AOV4APA7AMA

    Poison, Poisoff / Hiding in Plain Sight: Rogue already has plenty of Poisonous beasts and weapons, so why not go for a 2-for-1? Just a crappy wild Rogue deck with draw, poison stuff, and Shroud of Concealment. You'll destroy your health total killing minions each turn with your poison weapon, but who cares? 11 matches for both achievements at once: AAEBAaIHAsfOA5egBA6cAsIW5sIC6sYCmqkDzrkD590DqesDq+sD/u4DkZ8E958EoaAE3aAEAA==

    Even Steven: This one is super easy! All you need to do is play Mad Summoner followed by Against All Odds on a somewhat empty board. That combo is 11 mana, but it's pretty trivial to get a 1 mana discount on either card with Emperor Thaurissan or Palm Reading. Only took me 1 game: AAEBAa0GBNYR9tYDl6AEoaAEDZwC5QTYwQLWnQOZqQPi3gP73wPK4QP44wPy7gPz7gOtigSFnwQA

    Spit Hot Fire: My good friend Mad Summoner returns to ensure you have plenty of Perpetual Flame targets! The rest of the deck is just draw, stall, clear. You can also make use of Imprisoned Phoenix or Bloodmage Thalnos for spell damage. And it's a hilarious power move to fill your opponent's board with 1/1s, just to destroy them while overloading yourself for 7 mana. Watch your opponent's reactions while you complete this! 7 matches: AAEBAaoIAu0F9tYDDpwCsgbSE/a9AofEAvPnAtadA/DUA4fkA5LkA/rsA+PuA/2fBKGgBAA=

    Ugh, It's MY Life, Mom: I actually did this while playing Stealer of Souls + Plot Twist shenanigans in Wild so I can't help you now that it's BANNED, sorry. There's probably a deck that lets you grind this out fairly quickly while killing yourself.


    Don't Move a Muscle: This one was pretty funny, there's nothing in this wild deck to let you win games but you can almost always keep matches completely frozen and locked down at all times and keep yourself at 30 all the way until fatigue. Remember to always prioritize freezing stuff with your elementals instead of with your spells: AAEBAf0EApvTAvOvAw6WBZfBAtTOAp+YA7a2A97EA8fOA5HhA9LsA4jtA5vwA8HwA/+eBMOgBAA=

    Kresh Got Back: The last achievement I did, I found this one to be mainly annoying. There isn't really a good way to speed it up, so matches tend to take pretty long as you have to draw Kresh, Lord of Turtling, then he has to die, then you have to spend five turns attacking. Since there isn't a strat to make it go faster I opted for a standard deck since the lower power level makes it much easier to last that many turns doing very little. Deck is based around drawing and generating massive amounts of armor while maintaining board presence to ensure survivability: AAECAQcE9tYDj+8DqIoEl6AEDc2+A/bCA4DkA5LkA5jqA9XxA6afBIagBIegBImgBKGgBNagBO2gBAA=

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    Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I decided to go for the Party Up! achievement first (Friends Like Me) because I hate myself. I actually ran the numbers and here's what the odds are:

    3+ of the same Adventurer: ~12.8% (1/~7.79)

    4+ of the same Adventurer: ~0.9% (1/~113.8)

    5 of the same Adventurer: ~0.02% (1/4096)

    I wonder if the achievement check actually works or if it just looks if you have multiple of the same adventurer on the board. If so it may be possible to cheese something out with the help of Meeting Stone, Devouring Ectoplasm or simply cheating out multiple Party Up! casts. I don't feel like running those experiments. In any case, you'll get the Summon 100 Adventurers achievement almost as a prereq if you go for this one, and you can use the time to grind out the Mutanus the Devourer achievement or any other neutral achievements you're missing.

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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I've had no issue completing this achievement except for Solar Eclipse's extra cast not counting. The only card you're using that I didn't in that replay is Jade Blossom. Dunno what else to tell you.

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    Posted 6 months, 3 weeks ago
    My own notes and decks on what I've done so far and can contribute additional info towards:


    The Final Frontier: I also tried Naga Sea Witch + Giants. Doesn't work. Seems to be hardcoded to Celestial Alignment, which is fucked up.

    Buy One, Get One Free (of Taunt): I hated doing this one so much. My deck probably sucks but I was so angry at this nonsense I kinda refused to think about it any further. The big card you missed is Infested Goblin, that gives you 1-mana Taunt tokens to Broomstick. AAEBAZICBIUQ0eEDwuwD1qAEDcQG+waaB4EOoM0CntICv/ICoaEDnKQDlc0DmOoDrewDku4DAA==

    Do it for the Vines: Please note that Solar Eclipse proc does not count as an additional cast per turn for this achievement! You need to actually play 5 Nature spells. AAEBAZICBOQI1hGMrgPR4QMN6QH+AcQGntICv/ICj/YC5boD7LoDm84D8NQDrewDtuwDtaAEAA==


    Barrens Bubbler: AAECAf0EAA/CuAOBvwP30QOR4QOF5AOS5APQ7APR7APB8AP8ngT9ngTmnwTnnwTonwTpnwQA


    Wear Your Sunday Best: If you run Invigorating Sermon as your only Holy spell, you can tutor it with Knight of Anointment. Also you can proc it twice with Archmage Vargoth, which reduces the amount of games needed. AAEBAZ8FBO0F/gf8/ALWmQMNnAL4B/sM97wC3sQC48sC2JgD+84DtuEDkuQDzOsD5+wDoaAEAA==

    Spell Slingin' Savior: Try to proc it twice in one game to max out that efficiency. AAEBAZ8FAu0FtJsDDowB6AGcAs4D3QqMDtMWs8ECz4YD7IYD+ZMDlrYDysED9+MDAA==

    Just between You and Me: The fifth secret can also be Autodefense Matrix.


    Two Health Bars: Reno. Just play a Reno deck with some extra self heals thrown in against something like a Secret Mage.

    Why Can't I Hold All These Cards?: Maybe my deck idea wasn't the best, but I just ran a bunch of token in hand generators to get to a full hand as quickly as possible and tried to stall with 10 cards in hand as long as possible. You can play cards that give you a card back in your hand without losing an Achievement proc next turn, and take careful note of which cards give you more than one card back in your hand so that you can play stuff and fill back up. Usually around 4-5 procs per match if the opponent wasn't aggro, in which case I would just concede immediately. AAEBAa0GBJIP2MIDtIoEtYoEDR7GzALo0ALF7ALJ7ALm7AKSgAPSiQO0kQOBsQPXzgP+0QPi3gMA


    Identity Theft is not a joke: To complete the achievement you need to get the basic Rogue hero power from Yoink!. This can only happen if your own hero power is already not Rogue's. You can either run two Yoink!s or if you only unpacked one copy like me you can use Sir Finley Mrrgglton. KEEP NOTES ON WHAT HERO POWERS YOU'VE GOTTEN ALREADY.

    Just Don't Touch the Blade / Magnets, How Do They Work?: You can do both of these in the same deck, real easy. The trick is Cutting Class synergizing with your buffed poisoned weapon. Mix in Efficient Octo-bot procs and prepare a big Gadgetzan Auctioneer turn. Did it in one match. AAEBAaIHAq3rA67rAw7EAc0DpAfeB4YJ9bsCx84D99QDgeQDqesDq+sDrOsDkZ8Ekp8EAA==


    Extra Organic: Bru'kan isn't even that good. What you want is to play Beakered Lightning on a full board with a lot of Spell Damage thrown in. Rune Dagger makes things easier, Imprisoned Phoenix lets you set up in advance, Talented Arcanist gives you SD+2 same turn, Mad Summoner for when your opponent's side of the board is empty too. You can get 50 extra Nature damage per game, easy. AAEBAaoIAu0FkuQDDpwCvBTjuwKe/QKc/wLWnQPYqQOmywPNzgOH5APq5wOR6AOV6AOhoAQA


    Shadow of a Shadow: There are four 0-cost Shadow spells in the game already. Plus like you said, Thaurissan procs on 1-cost spells if you're lucky and your opponent is playing nice. AAEBAf0GAu0F1hEOowH7AZwCxAi2rALexALy0ALx9wKnmAPXzgPs0QPM0gOS5AON5wMA

    What's Better than Two Imps?: Mad Summoner is your friend! Actually there are so many imp summoning cards, the way you're 'supposed' to get this achievement is SO much slower. Note the 0-cost spells thrown in this deck, they're actually to help you progress the other achievement while you're at this one. Probably should have thrown Ritual of Doom in there, but I forgot that card existed until later on oops AAEBAf0GApwC7QUOowHcBsQI3Q+2rALexALy0AKQ7gKrkQPWnQOdqQPXzgO84wOS5AMA


    Gym Buddies: You can also use Archmage Vargoth in lieu of drawing the second Bulk Up. Personally I ended up with a really fun deck revolving around spamming infinite Injured Tol'virs with Barista Lynchen. Almost burned my Bulk Up because I had so many Tol'virs in hand lol


    Everyone's in Here!: Overlord's Whip gives you one Gruntled Patron proc instantly without having to lose mana that turn. After that you just need two Frenzy procs from cards like Inner Rage, Whirlwind (not two though or you'll start killing Patrons), or Improve Morale. When you have one full health and three damaged Patrons on board it's time for the coup de grace: Sudden Genesis. ez game ez life AAEBAQcE1ATWEY/tA4egBA0WnAKiBP8Hv8MCo4sDhJ8D9sID9+MDkuQD1egDtJ8EoaAEAA==

    Has Anyone Seen Mankrik's Wife?: I just stuck Mankrik in wild discard Warlock and waited to play it until my opponent was very low on health, making sure to trade disfavorably to make it seem like they had a chance. You only have to get lucky once, it took me three matches.

    Top Secret Snoop: What if I told you there is a reliable setup for this achievement? This is my magnum opus. BEHOLD:

    Time Out! + Lorewalker Cho + play 5 different secrets + Millhouse Manastorm

    Constraint number 1: Opponent needs to have 5 cards or less in hand. Constraint number 2: They need to proc the secrets next turn. This is actually not that hard, because they WILL try to get rid of your minions, Cho especially, they can't even hit your face anyways. Constraint number 3: You need two Emperor Thaurissan procs, although this is not very hard because you run so many secrets that discounting two of them is trivial. To be totally honest, I did it without Millhouse since I just went for it because I was going to lose the next turn anyways, but if you give your opponent five free secrets they are almost certainly going to play them and free up some hand space.
    I ran a bunch of different secrets to guarantee I would have five different ones to play, but PLEASE do not run Oh My Yogg! or Eye for an Eye, because they will either not proc or proc and fuck up the setup. Sacred Trial is also too inconsistent to get rid of on your side.
    Here's the deck: AAEBAZ8FDIwByATXBu8I1hGLvQLA/QLY/gKOmgPb7gPQ9wPIoAQJnALPhgPshgP5kwP34wOS5AOY6gPP6wPu8QMA
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