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    Posted 2 years ago
    Quote From anchorm4n

    Nice, thanks for the update! I'd like to start the discussion with claiming that Quest Resurrection Priest is way better than your list suggests. Therefore, Catrina Muerte and Activate the Obelisk should move up, let's say to tier 2? Not sure about Archmage Vargoth and Zerek's Cloning Gallery though...

    hsreplay currently considers the deck tier 1 with a winrate of 53,52%.

    The meta has definitely evolved in the week or two since I completed this. I'll be updating it again after next week's nerfs.


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    Posted 2 years ago

    They're free, but only for a little while longer (I think similar to SN1P-SN4P), so if someone missed that window my hope is to tell them how important they are to craft. 

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    Posted 2 years ago

    Welcome to the Legendary Crafting Tier List!

    This has been updated at the request of the community. After a solid amount of work to update it, we finally have one that will be updated each major expansion and update! I have done by best to provide a good understanding of how Legendaries are performing in the current DoD Standard Metagame. If you are not sure which legendary you should craft next, this is the place to ask! This is also a great way to know which packs you should be openening the most. Some weight has been given to the Tier List based on rotation.

    We only recommend disenchanting golden versions of legendary cards until you know you will not buy more packs from the corresponding set. Keeping even the worst legendaries will increase your chance of getting a good one next time due to the no-duplicate rule. We will try our best to stay on top of the meta-game with updates, and hope this guide can be a valuable resource for new and veteran players alike to make better decisions with your dust!

    Disclaimer: A tier list like this can never please everyone; the meta game is dynamic. If you think a card is in the wrong tier, please explain and provide links to deck lists or other data to support your claim.

    Please note that some of the cards may not yet be craftable, and are received through adventures or rewards.

    Descent of Dragons
    Deathwing, Mad Aspect - Great card in lots of Warrior decks.
    Dragonbane - Great card in lots of Hunter decks.
    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - Staple in Highlander decks and heavy draw decks, great late-game value card.
    Flik Skyshiv - Staple in most Rogue Decks, doubles as board clear and tempo.
    Galakrond, the Tempest - Staple in Galakrond Shaman, I believe it will still be good after nerfs.
    Kronx Dragonhoof - Staple in all Galakrond decks.

    Galakrond, the Nightmare - Enables Galakrond Rogue decks and is good.
    Galakrond, the Unbreakable - Enables Galakrond Warrior, good mid-range deck.
    Galakrond, the Wretched - Galakrond Warlock is a good deck that will improve after Shaman nerfs.

    Saviors of Uldum
    Corrupt the Waters - Staple for Battlecry Shaman.
    Dinotamer Brann - Staple in Highlander Hunter.
    Siamat - Staple in a variety of Highlander decks and other tempo-based decks.
    Zephrys the Great - Enables all Highlander Decks, arguably the most powerful individual card ever printed.

    Rise of Shadows
    None in the DoD Meta.

    Rastakhan's Rumble
    Shirvallah, the Tiger - Staple for OTK Paladin and most non-aggro Paladin decks.
    Zul'jin - Staple in Secret and Highlander Hunter decks.

    The Boomsday Project
    Flobbidinous Floop - Staple in Malygos and Quest Druid, sees play in other Druid decks too.
    SN1P-SN4P - Staple in every Mech deck and many non-mech decks.
    Zilliax - Staple in most decks. The best healing card in the game, tons of utility.

    The Witchwood
    Shudderwock - Staple for top tier decks Quest and Galakrond Shaman.

    Edwin VanCleef - Staple in almost all Rogue decks.
    Leeroy Jenkins - Best finisher and Staple in almost all Aggressive decks.

    Descent of Dragons
    Ancharrr - Staple in Pirate Warrior, great winrate when played.

    Saviors of Uldum
    Anka, the Buried - Necessary card for Deathrattle Rogue.
    High Priest Amet - Staple for Combo Priest, which has lost popularity since DoD.
    Reno the Relicologist - Staple in Highlander Mage.
    Unseal the Vault - Quest Hunter has been good since DoD, this card is required in that deck.
    Untapped Potential - Quest Druid has been a bit too slow in DoD, but will be good for a while.

    Rise of Shadows
    Archmage Vargoth - Strong synergies in many decks, notably Token Druid and Galakrond Shaman.
    Heistbaron Togwaggle - Great in almost all Rogue decks due to great Lackey synergy.

    Rastakhan's Rumble
    Wardruid Loti - Staple for Quest Druid and decent in other Druid decks.

    The Boomsday Project

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Staple for Control Warrior, much worse since nerf to 9-cost.
    Electra Stormsurge - Staple card for most Shaman decks (Overload, Galakrond, etc.)
    Kangor's Endless Army - Staple for Mech Paladin.
    Subject 9 - Staple in Secret and Highlander Hunter, playable in other Secret-based decks.

    The Witchwood
    Lord Godfrey - Staple in any non-aggro Warlock Deck

    Alexstrasza - Versatile neutral card, playable in a wide variety of decks.
    Bloodmage Thalnos - Strong neutral card, playable in a variety of decks.
    Malygos - Staple in OTK Combo decks.

    Descent of Dragons
    Bandersmosh - Decent highroll card.
    Chenvaala - Playable card in bad archetype Miracle Mage.
    Frizz Kindleroost - Can highroll in Dragon decks, but they are underwhelming.
    Goru the Mightree - Great card for Treant Druid, but not required.
    Malygos, Aspect of Magic - Great card in Highlander Mage and other Dragon Mage decks.
    Sathrovarr - Adds great value to specific decks and a staple in OTK Paladin
    Valdris Felgorge - Decent card for most Warlock archetypes, including Handlock.
    Veranus - Good card for Quest Hunter and Highlander Hunter decks.
    Ysera, Unleashed - Good card for Dragon Druid's late-game.
    Zzeraku the Warped - Good card for Handlock decks.

    Saviors of Uldum
    Armagedillo - Good card for Warrior, not played much in Control Warrior currently.
    Dark Pharaoh Tekahn - Good in Warlock, but doesn't create a deck by itself.
    Corrupt the Waters - Staple for Battlecry Shaman.
    Elise the Enlightened - Good card in Highlander and Quest Druid, but replacements for value can be found.
    Octosari - Good card for Highlander and Aggressive decks.
    Sir Finley of the Sands - Highlander Paladin is rather underhwhelming, also sees play in Murloc Paladin.
    Vessina - Great card in Overload/Token Shaman, can be substituted with Bloodlust

    Rise of Shadows
    Barista Lynchen - Playable in a wide variety of Battlecry-centric value decks.
    Catrina Muerte - Staple in resurrect combo priest.
    Jepetto Joybuzz - Great for enabling combo decks, but a bit too slow for DoD.
    Kalecgos - Staple in Highlander and Dragon Mage decks.

    Rastakhan's Rumble
    Akali, the Rhino - Playable in Rush warrior.
    War Master Voone - Playable in Dragon Warrior.
    Zentimo - Occasional Tech pick for some Shaman Decks.

    The Boomsday Project
    Crystalsmith Kangor - Great for any Paladin Heal effects.
    Luna's Pocket Galaxy - Sees play with mana-cheating in Highlander Mage.
    Myra's Unstable Element - Great card for Aggro Rogue archetypes.
    Stargazer Luna - Playable in most Mage decks.
    The Soularium - Strong in Zoolock and some Warlock decks, but the archetype is playable without it.
    Whizbang the Wonderful - From a crafting standpoint, you get more out of Whizbang than any other card. He is not Tier 1 in the DoD Meta, but I think for F2P he's amazing. I hope he becomes Classic.

    The Witchwood
    Countess Ashmore - Versatile neutral card, playable in Warrior and Hunter decks.
    Darius Crowley - Good card in most Warrior decks.
    Houndmaster Shaw - Good card in a variety of Hunter Archetypes, doesn't see much play.

    Archmage Antonidas - Playable in Spell-Generation Mage and other Mage decks.
    Cairne Bloodhoof - Playable in deathrattle and midrange decks, low play rate.
    Captain Greenskin - Strong card in Pirate Warrior and some Rogue decks.
    Cenarius - Good in Quest Druid and some Token Druid decks.
    Grommash Hellscream - Playable in Rush and Tempo Warrior decks.
    Harrison Jones - Evergreen neutral tech card.
    Tirion Fordring - Great card in Highlander and other Paladin decks.
    Ysera - Strong, slow neutral value card.

    Descent of Dragons
    Dragonrider Talritha - Playable in Dragon Paladin.
    Galakrond, the Unspeakable - Galakrond Priest has been underwhelming so far.
    Mindflayer Kaahrj - Decent card, but Priest struggles right now.
    Murozond the Infinite - Fun card, but Priest struggles right now.
    Nozdormu the Timeless - Seeing more play in OTK Paladin and Big Paladin.
    Shu'ma - Niche use for token centric decks like Quest Hunter.
    Waxadred - Niche card for shuffle and draw Rogue, too slow in most cases.

    Saviors of Uldum
    Activate the Obelisk - Priest struggles right now and Quest Priest is too slow.
    Bazaar Burglary - Niche for Burgle Rogue.
    Colossus of the Moon - Niche for Big decks.
    Hack the System - Quest Warrior is very niche and doesn't do enough late-game.
    King Phaoris - Great card for Big Spell decks, but very niche and slow.
    Making Mummies - Quest Paladin will not get better without more Reborn minions.
    Raid the Sky Temple - Random Spells have been proven to be inconsistent.
    Supreme Archaeology - Staple in weak Plot Twist warlocks, T4 in Wild.

    Rise of Shadows
    Blastmaster Boom - Bomb Warrior has not been great since RoS.
    Chef Nomi - Build-around for Nomi decks, Priest currently has the best version.
    Commander Rhyssa - Secret Paladin is not great and Highlander Paladin is better without secrets.
    Fel Lord Betrug - Staple in relatively weak Plot Twist Warlock.
    Keeper Stalladris - Decent card for some Druid decks.
    Lucentbark - Enables weak Druid Heal deck.
    Madame Lazul - Weak stats and questionable value.
    Scargil - Great card for Murloc Shaman, not playable in any other archetype.
    Swampqueen Hagatha - Good card as a standalone, but too slow for most DoD meta decks.
    The Boom Reaver - Decent card in Big Warrior.

    Rastakhan's Rumble

    Bwonsamdi, the Dead - Sees play in Combo Priest for late-game draw.
    Captain Hooktusk - Playable in slower Pirate Rogue decks.
    Da Undatakah - Slow card with strong synergies in Mech Paladin.
    Gral, the Shark - Niche compared to better Draw options for Rogue.
    Halazzi, the Lynx - Sees some play in Quest Hunter decks, but not a Staple.
    High Priest Thekal - Staple in several heal-heavy decks and some play in OTK Paladin.
    Krag'wa, the Frog - Playable in a Aggro Shaman, but not the best option.
    Mojomaster Zihi - Tech card vs combo decks, struggles in the Standard Meta.
    Oondasta - Synergy with Witchwood Grizzly and other big beasts in control decks.
    Princess Talanji - Struggles to find a home after the Standard rotation.

    The Boomsday Project
    Boommaster Flark - Niche play in Quest and Mech Hunter.
    Dr. Morrigan - Sees Niche play in Plot Twist Warlock.
    Floop's Glorious Gloop - Niche for Nomi Druid and some Quest Druid decks.
    Mecha'thun - Unique win condition, better in the Wild format. 
    The Boomship - Playable in Big Warrior and some Mecha'Thun Warrior decks.
    The Storm Bringer - Playable in Murloc and Token Shaman decks.
    Zerek's Cloning Gallery - Used in some Resurrect Priest decks.

    The Witchwood
    Azalina Soulthief - Niche as emergency hand refill in several decks.
    Dollmaster Dorian - Used in Plot Twist Warlock decks only.
    Glinda Crowskin - Niche tech in Magic Carpet zoolock, lackey synergy.
    Hagatha the Witch - Slower Shaman decks have been replaced by Quest Shaman, so Hagatha sees no play.
    Prince Liam - Niche for Aggro Paladins.
    Tess Greymane - Playable in Thief Rogue, low win rate.
    The Glass Knight - Struggles to find a home in a Paladin deck.

    Al'Akir the Windlord - Sees some play in Big Shaman.
    Baron Geddon - Very niche board clear card without a home.
    Deathwing - Playable rarely as a "Just in Case" board clear.
    Onyxia - Playable in dragon decks.
    Prophet Velen - Struggles to find a home in the DoD metagame and hurt by the loss of [Hearthstone Card (Mindblast) Not Found]
    The Black Knight - Evergreen neutral tech card, not great in the current meta but may find a place in future decks.
    Tinkmaster Overspark - Sees some play as neutral transform tech.

    Descent of Dragons
    Nithogg - Very slow card for the cost and the effect may not trigger.

    Saviors of Uldum
    None in the DoD Meta.

    Rise of Shadows
    Khadgar - Has struggled to find a place since Conjurer's Calling got nerfed.
    Nozari - Unique effect, playable in Dragon Paladin but very low win rate.
    Oblivitron - Big Deathrattle Hunter is too slow for the DoD metagame.
    Tak Nozwhisker - Playable in Thief and Pogo-Hopper rogue, very low win rate.
    Vereesa Windrunner - Sees play in Malygos Hunter, but is too expensive for the effect.
    Zayle, Shadow Cloak - A poor man's Whizbang the Wonderful.

    Rastakhan's Rumble
    Gonk, the Raptor - Gonk OTK decks are not viable.
    Griftah - Unreliable meme card, very low win rate.
    Hakkar, the Soulflayer - Playable in mill decks, much to slow for DoD metagame.
    Hex Lord Malacrass - Weak card rarely used in Highlander Mage.
    High Priestess Jeklik - Struggles to find a home without Discard synergies.
    Hir'eek, the Bat - Sees experimental play in hand-buff zoo, very low win rate.
    Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk - Not playable since Baku the Mooneater went to the HoF.

    The Boomsday Project
    Flark's Boom-Zooka - Bad card in all DoD Hunter decks.
    Harbinger Celestia - It's a 4-mana 1/1.
    Myra Rotspring - Not playable in DoD metagame.
    Zerek, Master Cloner - Effect slow and difficult to make use of, low win rate.

    The Witchwood
    Archmage Arugal - Not playable in any Mage decks.
    Blackhowl Gunspire - Meme card, effect difficult to abuse.
    Chameleos - Very weak and unreliable card.
    Duskfallen Aviana - Enables some big plays...for your opponent.
    Emeriss - Slow card, useless in current hunter decks.
    Face Collector - Bad card. Even in Thief Rogue, low win rate.
    Lady in White - Playable in silence priest, low win rate.
    Splintergraft - Interesting, slow effect, hasn't found a home since it was released.
    Toki, Time-Tinker - Inconsistent value card for Mage.

    Gruul - Very slow card
    Hogger - Weak to AOE, rarely sees play anymore.
    Illidan Stormrage - Rarely sees play due to cost.
    King Krush - Struggles to find a home.
    King Mukla - Struggles to find a home.
    Lord Jaraxxus - Gets killed too easily with Burn or Zephrys the Great
    Lorewalker Cho - Meme card, needed for the longest hearthstone turn ever.
    Millhouse Manastorm - A liability.
    Nat Pagle - Outclassed by Novice Engineer.
    Nozdormu - Meme card.
    The Beast - A liability.

    Again, this guide is for Standard and I highly recommend focusing your crafting or pack purchases on the Year of the Dragon expansions. For details on how Standard will rotate, check out this thread!

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    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

    These are cool! I messed around with Highlander Druid, but couldn't get it quite right (that and Galakrond Shaman made me sad lol). I'm gonna try your version!

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    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

    I'm actually going to be updating the crafting guide for standard this week! I had been waiting for nerfs to hit before creating a post for it. I was going to focus on Legendaries, but is the consensus that knowing good Epics is important too?

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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    Spell mana is the ultimate skill test. It allows you to plan many turns in advance for specific combos and provides a comeback mechanic at any point of the game. The discard god curve is pretty nutty, but if you focus on removing key threats and use cards like Deny to stop key skills any game is winnable. My biggest takeaway was that every game felt like it could go either way, regardless of the decks. All the decision-making to get there and play around your opponent felt meaningful and interactive. LoR is a competitive HS player's dream, I doubt its gonna be as big of a hit as the casual crowd. You can't pay for a deck and expect to win.

    In reply to Hearthstone vs. LoR
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    Posted 2 years, 3 months ago

    I don't necessarily think that LoR will overwhelm Hearthstone. But rather, that it will appeal to a specific subset of Hearthstone players. LoR feels a lot like classic Hearthstone, decision-making and interaction were king in it originally. Introducing too many powerful cards has pushed HS to ridiculous levels.Those playing the game for the competitive side and decision-making (like myself) have begun to feel like every game is won or lost on RNG. God curves, lucky draws, created by, etc. Add to that the fact that some matchups are completely unwinnable. It makes it hard to keep grinding HS. 

    Hearthstone's staying power for me has been the lack of another game which is relatively easy to begin playing and hard to master. LoR felt learnable to a competitive level in the brief period of me playing it, with tons more to do and learn in the future. It's barrier to entry is nonexistent, since there is no paywall. The game is easy to watch and follow on Twitch. It has all the makings of a potential replacement for me.

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    I've had a lot of fun with Highlander Hunter too, my deck has a smaller mech package and more spells but they're a blast to play. It can pretty much out-tempo any deck. It seems to play with more decision-making than the typical play-on-curve hunter game-plans I'm used to hating haha.

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    Posted 2 years, 5 months ago

    I made a Plot Twist with Supreme Archaeology which uses [Hearthstone Card (Colossus of the Moon) Not Found] since his reborn mechanic makes him so powerful.

    Check it out: