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    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago
    Quote From Nifty129

    Thats true I should leave the knee jerk oppinions to you guys, hah lol

    It is possible to take in criticisms and perspectives on a meta-state without having to undermine anyone else's opinions/arguments here.

    Where OldManSanns had provided the clearest possible outlook imaginable on streamers' 'reluctance' or 'willingness' in playing Targon decks based on the decks that they are currently playing, you leaving these sorts of reply speak volume to how much you are ignoring other people's inputs. If you aren't posting these forum posts to incite discussions about the meta to begin with, why bother making it if you are simply going to demean anybody else's opinions?

    To be perfectly clear, any streamer's experience on the current expansion meta nor their play rate on any particular deck will not perfectly mirror the majority of the playerbase's experience with the game itself. We only have so much sample size to work with, after all. You may be running into a lot of Lulu or Bilgewater decks, but personally I've been facing off against a lot of Targon decks. My experience will not dictate yours, neither will yours, and neither will any streamer's experience clearly determine what is and isn't popular in the meta.

    I'm not saying that Bilgewater isn't strong and that Targon's the clear cut king of the mountain in this expansion. Riptide Rex continues to be a very strong card in any Bilgewater decks, and often plays out as its finishing win condition. Targon as a region on the other hand, contain very strong stalling options such as Hush and Starshaping which can often be incredibly frustrating to play against given the context of the situation. To begin with, while Targon's champions may not necessarily be strong, they do EXCEL at the archetypes that they're supposed to incorporate themselves with. Diana performs incredibly well with Nightfall cards, and so does Leona with Daybreak cards. Taric allows for support cards to reach even greater heights, and Aurelion Sol is fantastic as a Celestial deck finisher both mechanically and thematically.

    Once again, it is fine to disagree with other people on their opinions. If anything, that is what causes more in-depth and drawn out discussions over the meta which may be beneficial to everyone involved. But it'll only happen when you don't immediately resort to nonsensical lashing when someone's opinion does not align with yours.