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How to train your ESA to stay within the yard - 2022 Guide



Emotional support animals (ESAs) are the best creatures that you can be with in your troubled moments. You already must know about the loyalty that animals have towards their owners. Pair this with a strong emotional affiliation and you have a perfect natural medicine. Dogs are among the most suitable and sought-after ESAs for you. They can be trained, tamed and when needed, they shall be with you to provide comfort and warmth. You just need to have an emotional support animal letter to make the animal your official ESA and then you can stop worrying about having any legal issues regarding it. Dogs are naturally playful and you do not want them to get far away and get into trouble.



Emotional support is mandatory for every person regardless of their mental health. But if you are stuck with certain mental disorders, then getting out of it alone can be very tedious. You may feel the need to give up as it is really difficult. The best part is that you do not have to be alone. There are certain companions that can be with you at all times and they would not question you. They would care for you and never leave your side in hardships.


Here is how you can keep your ESA dog within the yard.



  • Training the dog is one of the most effective and essential ways you can keep it in the yard. You can train it to follow the commands or even a dog whistle. As soon as you see any sign of trouble, you can just command it to be back, and voila. But the only downside of this approach is that you must be present when the dog is trying to escape. This is because you will have to issue the command to it before it escapes. 


  • Another important thing that is part of the training is to have the essential rewards in place when training the dog. The more easily and successfully the dog completes the task, the more treats you give it in return. Eventually, the habits are instilled and the dogs are psychologically conditioned not to escape anymore. 


  • Define a boundary by letting the dog know. This could be in the form of a fence or a boundary line. When the dog knows the boundary, the training can proceed more efficiently. For every successful attempt, do not forget to treat the dog. An esa letter for housing must be with you whenever you have the ESA with you. It ensures that you do not get into any inconveniences if your ESA crosses the boundary of your home.


  • Use certain well-known commands to teach your dog to stay within the boundary. Stay, leave it, and other custom commands can also be used for the same purpose.


  • Hand gestures can also be used with commands. The more successfully the dog perceives different signals, the higher the chances that the dog shall not disobey.


  • You can also start a treat challenge with the dog. The more successful the dog is in completing the task within the stipulated time, the more treats it gets.


Other Measures


If your dog does not immediately respond to the commands and training, then no need to worry. The main aim is to keep the dog in the yard. This can be done through getting some renovations made so that the dog finds it hard to escape. Such renovations can also instill habits and make the dogs less likely to leave the boundary.


  • Firstly, extending the fence would be the most appropriate way to keep the dog in the yard. There can be many reasons for its escape. These include loneliness, a new environment, running after things, etc. Extension of the yard shall ensure that the dog remains within the premises without any danger of escaping.


  • You should also try to remove all the things within the yard that can be climbed on. If these items are near the fence, then dogs can jump, climb and escape. Eventually, you will have a lot of trouble retrieving it. Therefore, it is better to take precautions timely. When in doubt, remember to take out your ESA Letter. This would let everyone know that the dog is indeed an ESA, and you can then enjoy the benefits that come with it.


  • Technology can be your best friend in many situations. There are GPS dog collars as well that can send an alert if the dog is away from the premises. You can immediately go on a hunt to get the dog back and before you know it, the animal is secured within the limited premises.


  • There are rollers that can be applied near the fence. These rollers are the devices that do not allow dogs to get the footing. After the dog tries a few times, eventually it would stop and there would be no more issues of the sort in the future. 


As I said before, dogs are among the most loyal creatures and it should not take much to train them. As the dog gets trained even more, it can serve multiple purposes apart from the emotional support that it grants you. Cuddling the dog can be very satisfying and lead to a feeling of relaxation for the owner. However, be ready to give the dog much of your time as there is a need for regular grooming of ESAs, like any other pet. If you believe that the dog is satisfying all your needs, do not hesitate to give it treats from time to time. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit


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