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    Posted 9 months ago

    There are 2 mercs I really want to pull from packs and leveling them ASAP.

    1. Lord Jaraxxus

    The demon comp seems really strong and fun for me. Tamsin and Rathorian are rares so I will get them 100%, and the bench is less important but I want Mannoroth, Gul'dan and Diablo there.

    2. Malfurion Stormrage

    The key to nature comps. Guff and Bru'kan are rares and Brightwing is epic, so Malfurion is the only one that will be hard to get. I also want Anacondra and Morgl in the team but they are also rare.

    And I also want to play with orcs but that will require multiple legendaries. There is also a fire comp I want to check out, and maybe Diablo and the epics will be good enough for that.

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    Posted 9 months ago

    In my opinion nature comp will be the most tanky, grindy team, and they will have success in both PVE in PVP. What do we need?

    1. Malfurion Stormrage. His equipment can heal the party for 18. Everyone, every turn, passively. He can also speed up the party, root the opponent, or provide further aoe heal or aoe damage.

    2. Guff the caster-tank. Taunt and +12/+32 every second turn? Yes please. He can also buff the whole party including the bench. His Living Brambles says: "nature combo: repeat this", and I wonder if it works with Malf's equip, providing another heal. Maybe not, but Guff is still broken. Speaking of bro'ken:

    3. Bru'kan the bro'ken disruptor. Muddy footing at speed 4 that deals nature damage and slows the opponent by 10? Without cooldown? Yes please. He can also give the team +nature damage which is nice. I think he is the 3rd best, but I also think that there is someone else who is more worthy in the starting 3. Who else, than:

    4. Brightwing, the swapper. This little shit is just so good in any comp, and she is even better in a nature comp. Buffing the bench is nice. Healing the whole party is something we already have, but thats what makes the party super tanky/grindy, the fact that we have more sources of heal. And lastly the best ability: swapping (with healing of course). Especially good in PVE, but it could be good in PVP aswell.

    5. Lady Anacondra, who makes the cut. Serpent's bite gets double bonus from +nature damage which is nice. She can also heal, which works with our strategy.

    6. Thrall Morgl the Oracle, aka the better Thrall (I mean in nature comps). I mean what would Thrall do? He has an orc-buff, a mediocre aoe, and another skill which is good with attack focused heroes. Meanwhile with the right equipment Morgl can deal damage and heal the whole party (grindy strategy, remember?) without cooldown and he can heal for 30 every second turn.

    So I think that the nature comp will be pretty strong, very tanky, very grindy, but Thrall doesnt make the cut for the best 6.

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    Posted 9 months ago

    Geddon + Diablo is a pretty strong combo. Turn 1 Heating up + Doom charge into turn 2 Living bomb (with the equipment that doubles the effect) + Fire stomp deals 32 aoe damage repeatedly for every opponent that hasnt acted yet at speed 3. And thats just 2 mercs, you can use Antonidas and his Fireball storm for omega damage against bosses or a good protector/disruptor like Cairne to keep your opponents slower.

    There is another, maybe even better combo with Ragnaros (+3 fire damage equip) + Geddon (Living bomb doubling equip) + Antonidas (+5 to Flamestrike equip). Geddon casts Living bomb at speed 5 on the middle opponent, then Antonidas casts Flamestrike for 14+5+3 and activating Living bomb for (12+3)x2 then Ragnaros casts Die Insects! at speed 10 for 22+3 repeated damage. Not counting the occasional lucky Rag hits to the center opponent, this combo will deal 77 aoe damage to a party of 3. In terms of "speed" its not fastest, but its on turn 1. It can be countered by summons, heals and buffs, but in general it seems like its enough to wipe out any party of 3 in PVP.

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    Posted 9 months ago

    Hey OoC community! I have been lurking around this site for a while, but never made an account here until now. My username could be familiar from Hearthpwn, but on that site I cant have a detailed conversation about mercenaries without dropping a ton of links to OoC. Im very interested in the new game mode and I want to discuss strategies, and honestly the community here seems much better than on that other site.

    On topic:

    As others have said, Sylvanas is best for PVP, but she is not very good in PVE.

    About TLK vs. Diablo I disagree with Trump. Both are very good starting heroes but when it comes to endgame, Diablo seems a lot better. I just dont see TLK as an essential part of any endgame build. IMO Diablo is the 6th best in slot merc for a demon comp with Jaraxxus, Tamsin, Rathorian, Mannoroth and Gul'dan, and it seems a very strong synergistic endgame strategy to me. But wait, there is more!

    Imagine Diablo in a fire comp, especially with Baron Geddon. First turn Geddon can use Heating up to deal some damage and make fire abilities faster next turn while Diablo can use Doom charge to make someone slower. Turn 2 Geddon uses Living bomb (with Burning Bracers to double the effect) at speed 2, then Diablo can use Fire stomp at speed 3 to deal 8+12+12=32 damage to all enemies, repeating for every opponent who hasnt acted yet. At speed 3!!! And thats just a 2 merc combo, you can add Ragnaros with his +fire damage equipment, Antonidas with Fireball storm for bosses, or just a good disruptor like Cairne.

    I dont see any crazy combos like this with TLK, so I think Diablo is the winner.