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    Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    This hasn't been my favorite meta either OP.  Didn't bother to hit Diamond last month and joined the dark side a bit to hit D5 and regain my star bonus this month.  Despite the downvotes, I've been enjoying this for ladder quests:

    Otherwise, I've had some fun in Casual with memes and have played more Arena and BG than usual.  Would love to see them try like a 2 - 3wk rotating labs mode with meta card bans to diversify the experience more.  

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    Posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I agree with a lot of the cards listed already so I'll add just one sleeper pick:

    SI:7 Skulker

    It's not strong on its own, but I fear it's one of those cards that limits the design space of future expansions (while in Standard).  By that I mean it'll always be lurking skulking in the corner ready to make an inherently strong card/combo busted when you can tutor it (or if there's ever a cheap battlecry draw minion for Bolner Hammerbeak to exploit).

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    Posted 3 months ago

    I agree that it'd be nice for T5 to change their policy on updating pre-built decks within a season.  For example, I'm guessing that they don't update the pre-made decks that new players can choose after conquering the beginner ranks which seems at odds with the goal of those decks.  

    Unfortunately, I also agree with dapperdog that it's unlikely that they'll ever make this a priority given that Whizbang and Zayle didn't spur them into action.  However, maybe the new $20 "battle-ready" decks will cause this change if they think enough people would purchase them later if they weren't outdated.

    Updating decks raises at least 2 hassles:

    1. How frequently do you update?
      • The improved "autocomplete" deck algorithm makes it seem like they have the technology to keep decks fresh on a weekly basis, but this seems impractical from the dimensions of developer time, player confusion, and deck optimality (more likely to land on a "local maximum" than the eventual meta picks).
      • Alternatively, you could re-balance them after each round of nerfs/buffs, but the more you update them the more FOMO/claims of unfairness you might face from players who earn a pre-made deck/buy a battle-ready deck at the beginning of a season.  This leads into question #2...
    2. How should they handle complaints by people who purchased/earned a deck earlier in the expansion? 
      • Say tough luck and just deal with the negative feedback?
      • For the "battle-ready" decks only - allow people to purchase the cards that changed at a low cost? (e.g. $5)
      • Add a certain amount of dust (e.g., 1,000) to the new player decks and battle-ready decks as a form of insurance against future changes?
        • This would presumably raise the cost of the battle-ready decks.
      • Offer full insurance to those decks by giving out all golden cards which means they can be exchanged for any other card as the meta shifts? 
        • Would this be too generous for the new player decks? 
        • And how expensive would this make the battle ready decks?  (would probably have to institute tiers where you could purchase the current $20 deck or the golden version for like $60 or whatever the value equates to)

    My answer for #1 - I think pushing out one update per season a couple weeks after the mini-expansion would be a reasonable starting point.

    My answer for #2 - If you only release 1 update, then I think you don't have to offer any compensation to those that already chose/purchased their deck.

    • The current rewards track is pretty generous so I think that most people should be able to update their pre-built deck fairly easily if they really want.
      • What could help in this regards is updating the "autocomplete" deck algorithm to show you the best possible deck and not just the best possible deck given your current collection.
        • For example, they could make it so that if you click autocomplete while having the "crafting" button selected it builds the best possible deck and then you can decide whether to craft the missing cards or replace them with something from your collection.  
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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From PopeNeia

    Speaking from experience, after the first summon, the DH usually does not have any deathrattle minions to summon from their hands so I usually just clear them out. After playing a lot of control Warrior, I just demolish demon hunters because Bulwark of Azzinoth is an absolutely amazing card.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!  It's great to hear that clearing the board has worked well for you and it sounds like I gotta try that strategy more often!  Sadly, I think I'll get plenty of practice as I've been running into a bunch of them on the ladder lately :\

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From Erodos

    When in doubt about a Control Shaman list, you can always trust WiRer: https://twitter.com/wiRerHS/status/1400848417572720654

    Thanks a lot!  I had to replace 2 cards but even still it's a super fun deck :D

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From Erodos

    Play control shaman, run Perpetual Flame and laugh as you clear their entire board and half their hand for 1 mana (Overload isn't real).

    Haha, I've been on the receiving end of a few full-board clears from Perpetual Flame and can vouch for how salty that can make an opponent feel!  I think I might need to experience this satisfaction against DR DH myself; is there a list you've been having fun with or would recommend?

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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago
    Quote From dapperdog

    If you're playing control, and aren't priest, then sadly there's very little you can do but hope they don't get their curve for Skull of Gul'dan, deathspeaker blackthornBADCARDNAME, and Illidari Inquisitor. After that, pray that they don't discover Felosophy or are playing the late game deathrattle deck. Basically, you're playing a very bad matchup is what I'm trying to say.

    On the question of whether to crack the boars or to leave them be, that will depend very much on the number of cards your opponent has in hand, but in most cases its better to simply kill the boar because nearly all outcomes will result in you taking 3 damage anyway. But if you're playing for tempo its pretty much a guessing game, very much dependent on your handreading skills.

    Thanks for your analysis dapperdog!  I agree that it's an unfavored match-up and you're right that it can become unwinnable if they curve out well so it may not be worth over-analyzing.

    As for the boars, you're spot on in saying that there are many factors that play into that decision so there probably isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy.  My general approach has been to treat them like Secrets, only playing into them if I have an answer ready for the minion summoned, but I should give the killing off immediately strategy a go more often and see how it works out.  The situation I find myself in most frequently is:

    • Turn 1 Tuskpiercer
    • Turn 2 Razorboar 
    • And then my choice is between spending a spell to clear the boar or trying to develop something like Wandmaker if it's my Turn 2 or Mankrik if it's my Turn 3

    So if they go first they'll have 3 cards in hand and if they go 2nd they'll have 4 cards, but in both cases they'll have an extra DR card drawn from Tuskpiercer. 

    If they don't get Tuskpiercer in the mulligan, it's often Hero Power on Turn 1 so they'd have 4 or 5 cards in hand after T2 depending on if they went 1st or 2nd.  In this case I don't know for sure that they have a DR in hand, but the odds seem likely given the kept rate of Razorfen Beastmaster and Sneaky Delinquent.

    But you're right that whether I pop or not I'm almost always looking at a 3-damage threat so the only really bad outcome is when Beastmaster gets summoned as that can let them cheat out even more mana on their next turn.  On the flip side, waiting allows them to play their 2/3-mana DR minion of choice from hand and then target something else with the boar's DR.

    Thanks again for your analysis; it's been great food-for-thought!


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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to pick the community's brain on how y'all approach playing against DR DH as a Control or Midrange deck.  I find this match-up awkward to navigate and could use some help.

    At first I tried to constantly keep the board clear, but my current strategy has been to ignore their summoning minions like Razorboar and Razorfen Beastmaster while playing my early small minions and going face. At the same time I save my removal for a bigger swing turn later.  My rationale has been:

    1. I'd rather they kill off their own minions so that I can deal with the stuff they summon on the following turn instead of allowing them to attack with slightly larger threats
    2. They don't usually run much healing so early dmg can help set up lethal later as even when you survive the initial waves of DR minions there's always Illidari Inquisitor lurking to kill you on Turn 8 and again on Turn 9 via N'Zoth

    However, this obviously allows them to make favorable trades against my board early and it can be tough to clear everything later if they have taunts up from Renowned Performer/Death's Head Cultist or refill via Death Speaker Blackthorn.

    Have you had success with a different strategy?  Or, if you play DR DH, what sorts of control/midrange strategies give you the most trouble?


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    Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

    Ugh, after some bad beats from a few of the cards listed below I wanted to pour out some pent-up Standard mode salt.  However, I know nothing about game balance so this is more of a cursing into the void than trying to start a discussion (hence the salt thread).

    Cards that make me salty whenever I see them because I've felt they're too strong for the mana cost from Day 1:

    Similarly, there are cards I've felt are mistakes not because of their inherent strength, but because they limit the design space/are always on the verge of causing a salt storm:

    In contrast there are cards that raise my sodium when I face them but still feel fair for the mana cost:

    Lastly there are cards that make me salty because I wanted them to rotate out of the core set/was tired of seeing them:

    I would like to take the mothers of all of these cards out for a nice seafood dinner and then never call them again.

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    Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I was excited to see this card simply for the Kael'thas Sunstrider activator potential :D

    In reality, I think we'll see this most common as a result of Wandmaker generating Resizing Pouch which can then guarantee Serpentbloom when played on 1-mana.  

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    Posted 5 months ago

    I'm similar to a lot of folks here:

    • I check the site a few times a day while procrastinating on work for news updates on HS mostly.  ~80% of my HS consumption is here and the rest is on the Competitive HS Reddit page so I can learn how the enemy thinks ;D
    • I really enjoy the articles here and leave a comment once in awhile if I feel like someone hasn't already said it better (in which case I just upvote).  The same goes for the forums which I check pretty regularly.
    • My favorite part of the game is theorycrafting and refining off-meta (Hunter) decks through trial-and-error.  As such I try to avoid viewing other decks early in an expansion and then start looking through ones with guides later for ideas I might've missed.  I try to post a couple successful(?) archetypes with guides each expansion.
    • I used to avoid the ladder, but the old deck building challenge on HP got me motivated to reach Rank 10 each season so I could participate.  I've stuck with that goal ever since and meme to D10 in the current system with the occasional grind to D5 if I feel bad playing something in Casual.  (Got there this season with a Primordial Hunter, but at the cost of hating Paladin ;P )
    • My nostalgia for the old game thread led me to try to create a version here, but I quickly learned how hard it was to keep up with even a weekly post and closed shop.  This makes me especially appreciative of the mods who write weekly articles because I know they put a lot of work into them and I'm sure there are plenty of weeks they really don't have the time but still come up with something for us.

    Overall, I really like the atmosphere here and try to contribute to it in small ways when I can.  A big thank you to Flux, the mods, and all of the users for making this a nice place to visit.

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago
    Quote From Alleria

    I did all three Hunter, Druid and Warrior, but now I´m stuck at Rogue, cause I didn´t check the cards first and now I´ve found out that I´m missing two key epics: Potion of Illusion and Bamboozle. Now I´m having a dilemma - is it worth to craft them in order to complete the puzzle and get the cardback? I don´t play the Rogue class at all, Potion of Illusion might be worth a craft, but I´m not really convinced to use 400 dust for Bamboozle. I was thinking about putting dicovering cards in the quest deck to find them, but it could take ages to get them that way. Might as well wait if I open them in packs? Does anyone know it I could possibly open the two in recent Year of the Phoenix packs? :/

    Edit - Sorry for some of the duplicate info; I was too slow looking up cards, haha XD

    Both cards are from sets released in the Year of the Phoenix so you should have a chance at them.  However, IIRC, an epic is only guaranteed every 10 packs so the odds probably aren't in your favor.

    Personally, I'd go the Discover route depending on your collection.  Keep in mind that you can build a Wild deck so you have quite a few options.

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    Posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just another case of Mage rage...

    My goal has been to get to Diamond 10 with a meme Control Hunter (deck in signature) and Mage is obviously a rough match-up.

    I'm at Platinum 4 after a losing streak and queue into a Mage who doesn't get the nut draw so I actually have a chance.  I have him on the ropes at 6 HP with no board while I have 16 HP, mankrik's wife with 5 health left, a 1/1, and two 5/5 golems with Lifesteal.

    He plays the hail mary Solarian Prime and the first 4 spells are just some minor board damage and a secret, but the last one is Potion of Illusion which allows him to play another Solarian Prime with his 1 leftover mana crystal.  Naturally, the second Prime casts Refreshing Spring Water as well as another copy of Potion of Illusion which allows him to play two more copies of the Prime card and a whole bunch of bullshit ensues.

    At the end of it all I'm left with a 3/5 on board and he's still at 6 HP so I figure I got a chance so long as one of his 3 randomly generated secrets isn't Ice Barrier.  I push face and luck out as there's no barrier and he's down to 3 HP.  I still have 2 copies of Quick Shot in my deck as well as Tracking and Barak Kodobane in hand.  However, my hopes are for naught as both fail to find Quick Shot and I lose to a Mask of C'Thun the next turn...fucking Mage man...fucking Mage.

    Update:  After purging my salt here I went on a 3-game win streak and got to D10...thank you lucky salt thread, thank you!

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Regarding Rush Warrior guides, I was reminded of this recent discussion where the OP included a bunch of helpful links in the post as well as the comments.  For example, this guide outlines one player's experience navigating it to Legend with individual match-up breakdowns.

    And then the OP linked to a bunch of YouTube guides you might find helpful too:

    Old Guardian's Guide

    And 3 guides from NohandsGamer, including one on the Priest match-up in particular.
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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    I finally gave OTK Hunter a try and piloted it from D10 to D5 using this list and making the recommended changes - subbed Scrap Shot and 1 Scavenger's Ingenuity for 2 copies of Kolkar Pack Runner.  

    For me, it didn't play like a true OTK deck but rather a chip them down early and then do 16 - 20 damage via Leoroxx deck (or the reverse with Leoroxx setting up a Piercing Shot and Quick Shot finish the next turn).  It didn't feel overly strong, but still might be worth trying out as a change of pace.

    As with any deck, there was a learning curve in deciding when/what to discover and how to prioritize the mulligan (definitely want Freezing Trap vs Rush Warrior and Pack Runner vs Paladin).  I also wasn't sold on Zixor or the remaining copy of Ingenuity so there's room to personalize and someone in the comments suggested 2x Imprisoned Felmaw which makes sense based on my experience with the deck.

    I'm not a fan of grinding the ladder, but if I play any more I'll be trying out this Legend Egg Hunter list that looks pretty fun.  However, I'm cautiously optimistic about its competitive viability as it looks like the OP farmed Warlocks during his climb and those have been less common for me atm (would've loved to run into it more as OTK Hunter farmed them too!).

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    Posted 6 months ago

    @OldManSanns, I took my first dive into LoR before the nerfs in HS and just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for the super helpful 7 tips article!  I have all my regions at Lvl 4, a few at Lvl 8, and just got my first Lvl 13 weekly chest :)

    Personally, I've found the gameplay refreshing and challenging as it reminds me of MtG which I haven't played for about 25 years (in terms of blocking, burst spells, etc.).  I've mainly been playing Labs as I learn all the different keywords (thx to Challenge Mode), but I've been impressed so far.  And the card artwork on mobile looks awesome so it's got that going for it too, which is nice :D

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Quote From Live4vrRdieTryn

    Rang in response to your concern that people will dodge matches when it isn't their deck that faces itself the solution is simple: if they do that they would automatically be matched again facing someone else's deck until they play it out and it goes back to 50-50.

    I agree that this would incentize folks to not concede when they don't get their deck, though it could also turn some folks off to the mode entirely if/when they hit a string of bad coin flips and don't get to play their deck for many games in a row.  Obviously a pity timer or something could be implemented to counteract this scenario, but I'd prefer your later suggestion of having a longer queue which guarantees the ability to play your deck.  

    Regardless of the minutiae, I'd definitely be on board with trying out this mode as a Tavern Brawl to gauge its popularity.  They claim that their devs monitor the official Hearthstone forums for ideas, so maybe outline the mode there and see if you get some traction amongst the community!

    I also went back and re-read that old list of community suggestions I linked and was surprised at how many had been implemented in some form or another (weekly quests, a new class, more deck slots, etc.).  At the bottom I mentioned that Firebat suggested a Tavern Brawl Arcade to play past brawls and I could definitely see Mirror Mode being part of that system.  Having access to all brawls may not be feasible in terms of splitting up the playerbase and having long queue times, but having a rotating set of 6 weekly or something like that seems realistic.  Or maybe 6 random ones and 3 additional that stick around all month as voted on by the players or determined by their play rate over the past X number of weeks.

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    Posted 6 months ago

    OP - I understand the sentiment underlying your suggestion and tried to argue a long time ago for a "Free Play" mode that gave you no Gold (now Experience) and couldn't progress Quests so the only reason to play was for pure enjoyment.  Of course trolls and folks wanting a self-esteem boost would still bring meta decks there, but the idea was to increase the chance of running into a homebrew as even tanking your MMR in the current Casual system just leads to mostly facing less-than-optimal aggro decks (from my experience).

    That was a long way of saying that I'm someone who agrees with your mission, but I'm not sure this is my favorite way of achieving it.  In particular, going into this mode I really wouldn't want to play someone else's deck so it'd feel bad to lose the coinflip and I might concede until I get mine which isn't ideal for the mode.  You also have the awkwardness of the originator being at a pretty big advantage going into the mirror because they know what's coming and how to navigate it (update - didn't see the part where you mentioned having a decklist on the side which I like, though as a mobile player I'm curious how that'd look on the screen).  Icyfoe88 also brings up the point of trolls forcing you into playing a meta deck which, to me, is even worse than the current Casual system.  However, I could see match-making prioritizing matching you with someone whose deck has a similar winrate in Casual or something like that.  

    Personally, I'd just like to see them test out options for allowing homebrewers to play each other and would be curious to see your system in action.  Additional systems that come to mind could be:

    • A simple change of allowing players to click a box that says "I'm playing a homebrew" in Casual and then splitting the matchmaking up into 2 pools using current Player MMR in each pool.  Obviously there would be people exploiting this system to troll or farm wins, but I'd like to see how rampant that problem would be and whether it'd still be an improvement over the current system (which is really the goal).  Allegedly, many people play meta decks in Casual to learn how to navigate those decks so they should prefer not to match homebrews as stomping a meme deck teaches you nothing about whether you're ladder-ready.
    • The other thing I'd like to see them experiment with is some form of Deck MMR matchmaking like I mentioned earlier.  My thinking is that they currently have data on something like the played winrate of certain cards or groups of cards because the updated auto-complete deck algorithm pulls from this to give you the most competitive build from your collection.  So why not experiment with matching players based on the percentage of cards in their deck that are NOT included on the list of meta options they're internally monitoring?  I'm envisioning a 2-step matching process where first players are put in buckets according to the % of their deck that's off-meta, and then players are matched within buckets according to the current Player MMR system which reflects their general skill at navigating any type of deck, off-meta or otherwise.  

    You obviously wouldn't want to subject the entire playbase to these experiments in Casual, but a self-selected "Casual Labs" mode or something could attract willing particiants like myself.  And before people crap all over these ideas, I'm clearly not a game developer so I have no idea how hard these things would be to implement and whether the player population is large enough to accommodate more modes.  It's also been a long time since I thought about this issue so these are more half-baked ideas in pursuit of fun discussion rather than serious requests that I feel strongly about.

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Quote From Lemushki

    Well. After finishing with moving homes and some other stuff I got the time to finish the post at least! Thanks for your responses too! Really enjoyed reading through them!

    Congratulations on the succesful move and on finishing your list!  It reminded me of many cool cards and metas that I hadn't thought about in awhile :)

    Quote From sinti
    Baron Geddon became a cool card again, when he got the Elemental tag and DK Jaina gave him Lifesteal :)

    I also rediscovered my appreciation for him when Toxic Arrow released and I finally had access to a (admittedly clunky) board clear ;D

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