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Draconically Dedicated
Joined 06/01/2019 Achieve Points 405 Posts 284

About Torgal

I'm casual free to play player since release of Whispers of the Old Gods.

Most of the time playing only to complete daily quests on my both accounts.

My highest rank was 3 on Wild (Murloc Shaman, September 2019) and 5 on Standard (Midrange Hunter, February 2019 and Treant Druid, September 2019).

Favourite class is Hunter, the only class I have achieved 500 wins.

Favourite playstyle is midrange, hated playstyle is combo build around denying opponent from action, drawing whole deck and than OTK.

My quirk is that I almost never craft cards - I crafted maybe 5 cards in 4 years (none of them was Legendary). As a result I hoarding tons of dust (atm 28k and another 27k in duplicates).

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