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    Firstly, I really really hope that somehow this thread reaches a dev working on mercenaries. Most (if not all) of the points made here are legit and well mannered and seem to come from people that not only know what they are talking about (design-wise) but also  care for this game and would like to see it improved.

    Now, I've played a few hours of mercenaries so far, didn't pre-order anything but I did buy the 5e bundle. I haven't tried the PvP mode at all yet and I'm around level 25 at Felwood. Based on that (little) progress so far here are my thoughts:

    A) The rogue - like aspect is nearly non existent.
    Great roguelikes tend to get deliberately frustrating at times in various ways. Random and unexpected events that can kill or disable your characters or deny of you of hard earned loot/treasure for the rest of the run or punishing you for going for that 30/70 % chance. The list can go on forever.  But that is why said games can feel SO satisfying when beating them. They give you this feeling of overcoming all the odds through correct choices and strategy along with a fair blessing of rng and they left you feeling exhausted. I was thinking that frustration is not something that the light-hearted  Hearthstone environment is aiming towards but then I remembered that content like Naxxramas Heroic (Maexxna much?) exists.
    It feels like Mercenaries has no balls on purpose.
    Its pretty much linear, it doesn't feel punishing at all and it doesn't surprise you in no way whatsoever.
    Yes, I know it's game that is not roguelike on it's core but it rather has roguelike elements, BUT, in my opinion it misses on having the elements that make roguelikes well, roguelikes.

    B) The game is built on UI that is counter intuitive.
    Picture this: You just finished an elite fight and you got 3 awesome treasures you can choose from. You want to make a meaningful choice based on the remaining fights on your run, the treasures that you already got and the info about other mercs on your squad (race, equipment, stats etc.). Well, you can't access any of those things because choosing a treasure uses a discover-a-card like mechanic that is not minimizable, forcing you to choose right there and now based only on things you can remember. I found myself in this kind of situation 3-4 times already.  Even worse, the choice didn't even matter much in the end (point A) but if eventually the choice does matter we should be able to access all that information.

    C) Aesthetics.
    Well, pretty much what everybody else mentioned before me. This doesn't concern me much though. The hearthstone team has a lot of good artists and developers that in the long run will improve said aspect of the game.

    I will be getting to current end game content and to PvP soon. My opinion will be more complete by then, but for now despite the above issues I enjoy Mercenaries. The collecting aspect is fun and I don't mind the grind. But for sure, for the game to become a staple a lot of issues have to be addressed mainly game-play wise.

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    Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

    Its the first time in at least two years (i play since beta) that i feel hyped about a new expansion. Not only because of the high power level cards that are coming, but also because of the good design of them. And i have to admit that this is a general feeling I've been having since Year of the Raven begun. I really enjoyed RoS meta. Seems like developers try to work more and put more effort and attention on keeping the game fresh than the older T5 did (hofing cards, buffing cards, mid-expansion new cards etc).
    Overall, for me, hearthstone feels like its breathing again
    I cant believe im saying this but i actually cant wait for Tuesday!


    -Edit: I also needed to add that I love OOC. Beeing a member of Hearthpwn since always i was fed up with the salt and the meaningless threads everyday. Also OOC is much much better coded.

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