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    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

    Diamond 5 to Legend was really hard for me, I faced everything in those ranks and I had to switch decks constantly till I figured out a pattern from what I faced. (Dropped from D1 to D5 twice.)

    For me at least, this was what I had to deal with.

    D5 was Rogues and Hunters. (Played Control Warlock to get out, teched in 2 scorpids because they are damn good vs hunters.)

    D4 was  Priests and DHs. (Played Face hunter to get out.)

    D3 was Paladins, Mages, and Hunters. (Played Libram Paladin and  Control Priest to get out. Oh, and there were a few sneaky token druids here and there.)

    D2 was Priest, Warrior and Mages. (Played Face Hunter to get out. This was the hardest rank. Mages teched 2 barriers here + ring toss gave them 2 extra barriers resulting in a 62 health Mage, Handbuff Warrior has a ton of rush to kill your stuff, and Priests are Priests.)

    D1 was Hunters, Paladins and Warlocks. (Played a Kazakus Burn Shaman with some draw, which surprisingly did well and got me Legend.)

    So, I would say the meta is kinda okay since there are a lot of classes viable. But man was D5 to Legend one hell of a ride.

    And I agree, Paladin needs a slight nerf. They already touched Secrets, so it will either be librams or that dreaded Conviction imo.

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    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

    Just to be on the safe side, always make sure you are watching "Live" (The circle needs to be red.)

    Small lags can occur that delay you 5 secs and you are no longer watching "Live". So keep checking from time to time if you have the stream muted.

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    Posted 1 year, 7 months ago

        I have never spoke against a deck since this game has existed. I tolerated all the overpowered bullshit through out the years, and I never thought there would be a deck that would piss me off more than Ultimate Infestation Jade druid, when they ramp on curve and you can't find that damned geist. Even then, I didn't say anything because I was "Unlucky" for not finding it.

        But that's the past, and now we have a deck that CANNOT be countered since you don't know what type of RNG bullshit they will pull off. And no, this is not the same RNG like every other meta. This is RNG that is GUARANTEED to high roll every single time in your opponent's favor. Every turn feels like hell against a turn 2 deck of lunacy, regardless of your class and deck archetype.

        "Just play Priest 4Head." Sure, that's what I did. Tell me though, what can you do against "MAGE" that has more OTK potential than DH OTK, has more card draw than tempo rogue, has more board control than warlock and warrior, and out values any other control deck at the moment.

        Oh and it gets better when they get a skull of gul'dan into the mix. Never thought I would see a turn where they draw half their deck, OTKs me from full health, thanks to TWO 3 mana nagrand slams from the skull (Early incanter's flow), into 1 mana refreshing spring, into TWO 1 mana fireballs. Would you look at that, doesn't even need his masks of C'thun to end the job or the bullshit spell damage minions for that extra 1-2 damage.

        We usually say "Clownfiesta" as sarcasm or a joke or "E-sports" when RNG decides the game. But this, this is LITERAL "Clownfiesta."