Mythgard's second developer stream took place this week and we're here with a recap! The first half of the stream focused on a Q&A with Rhino's newest member, Noah, who acts as a community manager, while the second half talks about the upcoming Haloween event and a new expansion.

The Halloween Event

The Halloween event starts Monday, October 26th, and last for a week. It consists of a series of Quests that reward the following card backs and trim:

The quests are as follows:

  • Destroy 81 minions in Casual
  • Destroy 113 minions in 2v2

There's also a new board, which will replace the board in the two modes where the special quests take place, and will also be available for purchase with Mythril:

Expansion 2 Teaser

While there is no new information on setting or actual cards, but we did get two new pieces of art from the Parsa (Orange) faction (both work in progress). The first one is Arcanovore:

The minion depicted here has the ability to consume magic. How that will materialize in the game itself remains to be seen.

The second one is Sanctum Guard:

The character depicted here also appears on the art of Halcyon Decree and Mandatory Vigor.