Kryptik Gaming is organizing Clash in the Deep, the second in their Kryptik Coliseum series. The tournament will be a best of 3 format, has an entry fee of 500 Gold, and will take place on the 21st of November.

Prize pool:

  • 1st place: 100 USD + 27% Coin Chare + Card Packs
  • 2nd place: 50 USD + 18% Coin Chare + Card Packs
  • 3rd and 4th place (each): 25 USD + 11% Coin Chare + Card Packs
  • 5th-8th place (each): 7% Coin Chare

You can check out their official rulebook here for more information, or join their Discord server here.

Quote From Mythgard

We're happy to announce the next event in competitive Mythgard play! @_KryptikGaming is bringing us the Clash in the Deep.