A few hours ago, Mythgard had its monthly developer stream. They gave some information about the game's second expansion, as well as hinting at things to come in the competitive scene.

The New Expansion

All the cards in the new expansion are currently functional, and they started allowing people into Q-Mode (a special game mode where select people can test the new cards and offer feedback in regards to balancing).

They also showed us four of the upcoming cards:

Phantasmagorgonian Card Image
Arcanovore Card Image
Gremlin Heist Card Image

Trusty Hierling Card Image
Battle Boots Card Image 

Keep in mind that the expansion is in the early balancing phases, and those cards are subject to change.

Along with the new cards, we are also getting 2 new Paths. One Path will allow you to go wide on the board, keeping your minion count high, while the other will allow you to go tall, encouraging an "all eggs in one basket" playstyle, where you keep buffing a single minion on the board.

There are also 3 new Powers: 2 regular ones, which you equip when building the deck, while the third one comes from a card that allows you to change your power mid-game.

The new expansion is expected to launch in January.

Competitive Mythgard

Here's a breakdown of the planned competitive scene.

  • The first competitive season will start around the time the expansion launches.
  • The team expects 6 more competitive seasons after the first one.
  • At the end of the year, they plan to have a 16-player world championship.
  • There will be a tournament at the end of each season.
  • Whether you qualified for the seasonal championship will be determined by ladder placement.
  • Qualifications for the world championship will be determined via a points system.
  • Tournaments and ladder placements towards the end of the year will be worth slightly more points than those at the beginning.
  • Before the world championship, they plan to host a large qualifying championship with 100+ players, with the winner being guaranteed a place in the world championship.
  • The total prize pool for the first year is around 20.000 USD.

Miscellaneous Information

  • The current season ends on November 22nd.
  • There was a last minute change to Jade Puma - it now has 2 Health (down from 3). If you crafted the card recently, you are eligible for a refund.
  • Tomorrow is the Clash in the Deep tournament.
  • There will be a Christmas event, more info in the December dev stream.

Dev Stream

You can watch the full dev stream on their YouTube channel:

You folks excited for the next expansion? What about the competitive scene?