We've got a treat to share with you today courtesy of Rhino Games! We're showcasing a new card of the Dreni faction in Mythgard's upcoming expansion, The Winter War. Let's dive right into the new card!

Ved'ma Steelshaper Spoiler

Ved'ma Steelshaper is a Rare card arriving with The Winter War.

Ved'ma Steelshaper Card Image
Carom Zig Shot Card Image Carom Zag Shot Card Image

If it feels familiar, it's because the art for the card was shown a month ago during December's Dev Stream. The card itself is a value generator, giving you a small area of effect spells that let you clean up tokens off the board, or you can hoard them to make your Sablewing Zira really big. The Steelshaper also has great survivability thanks to its Lurker, which allows it to hide behind bigger minions in combat.

For those of you that aren't very familiar with Mythgard, here's a breakdown of the card.

  • Lurker - Cannot be attacked by an enemy minion if there is a non-lurker in one of its opposing lanes.
  • Sunrise - Something that happens at the beginning of your turn.
  • Ephemeral - When removed from play, this card does not go into the boneyard or return to hand.
  • The green frame indicates this is a card of the Dreni faction. (The Colors of Mythgard)
  • The top left corner is where we see the burn circle, mana cost, and gem cost.
    • The numerical value, 3 in this case, is the card's mana cost.
    • The circle surrounding the mana cost is the burn circle. It tells us which color of gem we receive when the card is burned.
      • You burn cards to gain resources to play cards.
      • A card can only be burned once. Once burned, it is inserted randomly into your deck, but never the top.
      • A broken circle cannot be burnt. These cards are also usually Ephemeral.
    • The green hexagon is a Dreni gem. We need one of them to play this card.
  • The top right corner is the rarity of the card. This is a Rare card.
    • Mythgard has four rarities: Bronze is Common, Silver is Uncommon, Gold is Rare, Diamond is Mythic.
    • Each rarity has a different max number of cards that can be included in a deck.
    • The number of circles in the corner indicates the max copies that can be used in a deck.
  • The bottom left corner is the Strength of this card.
  • The bottom right corner is the Health of this card.
  • The bottom center of the card tells us the Subtype of this card.

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