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New The Winter War cards For January 19

Cards are sorted in the order of their color, followed by rarity, and finally, name. Each card is accompanied by our first impressions, as well as a link to where the card was spoiled (where possible).

Arctic Pyre by MinMaxer

Arctic Pyre Card Image

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Frozen Dreng Card Image

Great card with an awesome effect. It's nice seeing more cards that can trigger during your opponent's turn, allows for more interactivity, and makes people aware that said interactivity is possible in the game. The Forge effect is neat, but the enchantment is good enough even without it. Valkyries in particular will like this one.

Lady in the Water by MercurioBlue

Lady in the Water Card Image

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Great body for the cost, but the cost is a little steep, and it doesn't really have any protection. Amazing with a bunch of Serpent's Dens ready to go off. Really hard to chump-block, so your opponent will likely be forced to use hard removal. Will likely see play in Necro decks, if they're ever viable.

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