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New The Winter War Cards for January 20

Cards are sorted in the order of their color, followed by rarity, and finally, name. Each card is accompanied by our first impressions, as well as a link to where the card was spoiled (where possible).

Hydrophonic Hank by MythgardHub

Hydrophonic Hank Card Image

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Really good effect if it manages to hit face. You'll want to give the minion Agile for maximum efficiency, which is fairly easy to do. The Forge effect is powerful, but the card will get into play very late if you go for it. Low tempo for the cost.

A56 Ahtatl by MythgardHub

Mythgard Card ID Not Found

Good card. The first effect can be used on itself to offer it some survivability the turn it comes down. After that, the ability can be used to protect some minions with your bigger minions, or to brink a Lurker out of hiding, since Defender overwrites Lurker. The second ability is good for a last minute push, or to get rid of a pesky Artifact hiding behind bigger ones.

Algosian Mask by MercurioBlue

Algosian Mask Card Image

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Really powerful effect, but the very low durability makes it extremely easy to remove. Has to be played behind a bigger Artifact, so won't see much action outside Fires of Creation decks.

Kaveh, Khyber Warlord by Rhino's Kilimanjaro

Kaveh, Khyber Warlord Card Image
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  Gandamak Drift Card Image

Really good effects on a decent body. The first ability is a good tutor in a Rebel deck, while the second can be used to either upgrade your Deserts, or transform powerful enemy enchantments into weaker ones. The last ability will rarely see activation, but will be extremely powerful if it does, as is the case with most abilities like this one.

Spirit of Dispossesion by Hzoj

Spirit of DispossesionBADCARDNAME

Incredibly powerful effect at the cost of incredible tempo loss. The discard can be really devastating for the opponent, but they can play around it, especially in the late game. The Breach is good card generation, but will only be crippling to Necro decks.

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