Mythgard's January dev stream is happening in about 15 minutes, at 10pm GMT/11pm CEST/5pm EST. We'll cover it here live, and then we'll put the information in a nice, organized order. Here's what we're expecting from the stream:

  • The Winter War expansion release date
  • Some spoilers from said expansion
  • The Trailer for TWW (was supposed to come out yesterday, but it apparently it wasn't ready)
  • More information on the competitive scene

We got a new trailer, and a release date: the 25th of January.

We got new cosmetics, including a new board.

The expansion is focused heavily on story. A lore video will be available at the end of the stream.

The factions of Mythgard are split down the middle, both in lore, and on Mechanics.

The Paths and Powers were revealed earlier in the week.


Ved'ma Helicarrier Card Image

Vendomomo Card Image
Marrowand Card Image

Quote from Noah on the Mythgard Discord: "Vendomomo starts at 5 energy and Morrowand costs 15"

Triforge Alliance Card Image
Anthem of the Rebellion Card Image

These 2 card are the first triple color cards.

Drowned Observatory Card Image
Whispers of the Phofane Card Image
Nudibranch Egg Card Image 

Brinebound Believer Card Image
Thrall of the Trident God Card Image Schylla of Dire Strait Card Image

Apart from the Egg, all those Red cards are collectible. Correction: There was some miscommunication, Thrall is also an uncollectible card.


  • 20k USD scene kicking off soon
  • New Season starts on the 25th
  • Champions will get special points, based on their placement
  • There will also be end of season Open tournaments open to everyone that grant these special points
  • Championship happens at the end of the years
  • Seasons will be more more consistent from now on, schedule will be available on the website
  • There will be a Last Chance Qualifying event, which, if you win, you're automatically qualify

Watch live!

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