Mythgard has announced the upcoming event for Valentine's Day. Although they haven't given us the full details yet, they've shown off a new Brand and Spell! It's safe to assume they're similar to the penguins from the Christmas event, in that those cards can't be collected, and will be available to all players exclusively during the event.

Judging by Doki-Doki-Momo's effect, the event will take place in 2v2. One possibility is that all 4 players start the game with the brand equipped and purchase various cards for their allies throughout the match, with Bonbon Bomb as one of the choices. If this Brand works the same as Vendomomo, you'll only be able to purchase each item only once each turn.

Rhino Games said they'd be sharing bits and pieces every day until the event, so we have to wait and see what exactly happens.

Quote From Rhino Games

With our Valentine's Day event right around the corner, we have some exciting things planned! Every day leading up to Valentine's Day, we'll be sharing bits and pieces to give you an idea of what we have in store! Here's a couple faces that might look familiar!