Rhino Games continues giving us bits and pieces about the upcoming Valentine's Day event, just as they promised. This time, it's two uncollectible cards, an Enchantment Dessert (yummy) that gives your Doki-Doki-Momos more energy, and a Stacking Artifact that benefits from controlling multiple copies, similar to Matryoshka.


Interestingly enough, the two cards seem to depict the same scene, but under different circumstances. The twig on the cards also appears in the art of Bonbon Bomb from yesterday's article. Perhaps there's a sweet love story that will become apparent when all the cards are revealed? Two more days until we find out. In the meantime, you can vote on which cards will be spoiled next here. (missed the previous vote, sorry about that.)

Quote From Rhino

The votes are in! Here is your first community chosen reveal!