Mythgard has announced a developer stream happening later today at 12 PM Pacific (3 PM Eastern, 21:00 CET) on Twitch, with a video being added to YouTube shortly after. According to Rhino, this will be of special interest to new players. We'll be live with a coverage of the stream as it happens!

Quote From Rhino Games

The new Devblog will air on Twitch Friday at 8PM GMT / 21:00 CET / 12PM PST and we will be posting it to Youtube after - But you will NOT want to miss this one. ESPECIALLY if you are a newer player, this is a biggie. So buckle up as we document what's in store~

Live Recap!


They're doing this in order to attract new players.

The way this will work is that, there'll be 6 codes that allow you to unlock each region.

Starting Wednesday, there'll be various press outlets that will have the codes.

The expansions aren't given away. This only applies to the Core set.


There'll 6 seasons, with an Open at the end of each season and a Masters at the end of the year.

You gain qualifying points for Masters by ranking high in the Champion tier of the ladder, or by being in the top 32 in the Open.

All you need to do in order to qualify for the Open is to reach Silver on ladder.

They can't tell us how many qualifying points are needed for Masters, as that depends of how many points the other players have.