Rhino Games posted a Tweet officially kicking off their special promotion where they give away the Core Set. Here's a quick rundown:

  • There will be 6 codes you can claim.
  • Each of these codes will unlock one of the game's factions.
  • Codes will be released individually by various streamers and gaming press.
  • Unmaking cards below the rarity limit during this time will be disabled to prevent exploits.
  • This is a limited time promotion.

As a reminder, you can redeem codes in the in-game store using the 'Redeem code' button. If you're on iOS, you'll sadly have to use one of the other platforms to redeem them (the browser client works best). Stay tuned as we'll be posting codes as they become available.

What faction are you most excited to unlock?

Quote From Rhino Games

~ The hunt begins tomorrow ~