Rhino Games has released more information about the first-ever Mythgard Open. It's going to happen this month on the 20th, with various in-game prizes for the top 32 players, and 1000$ split between the top 4. Other details:

  • Tournament will start as a Swiss bracket, with a BO3 Conquest format (each player has 3 decks, and can ban one from the opponent).
  • Top 8 will be single elimination and will be stream live on March 27th.
  • Sign-up will be available following the next patch.

Quote From Rhino Games

As many of you know, we have an ambitious competitive roadmap planned. We are happy to announce that our first Open will be slotted for March 20th for players silver rank and above for an entry fee of 1200 coins. Sign-ups will be available after our next patch.

Our Open tournament will be a Swiss bracket - Conquest format BO3
The top 8 winners will then play on March 27th live on http://twitch.tv/mythgard-game
Top 4 winners will receive cash prizes!
1. $400
2. $250
3. $200
4. $150

Top 32 will receive in-game prizes!

Smaller details/fine print involved:
- Win qualifying points for entry to the Mythgard Championship Series
- Top 8 will be single elimination
- You must have a PayPal account to receive winnings
- We will announce sign-up availability after patch
- Decks may be modified for TOP 8

Final reminder is that we highly encourage players to get a feel for how our in-game tournament client works by participating and/or watching in one.
It will help your comfortability when actually competing!