Rhino Games is once again looking for fun decks in order to be played in-game via their Featured Decks functionality.

For those not in the know, each player has access to a pair of random decks from an existing pool, that rotate every Friday and Monday, that you can play without needing to have the cards in your collection.

Here are the rules for the competition, as outlined in this Google Docs form, which is also used for submissions:

Quote From Rhino

  • No more than 3 mythics, no more than 6 rares (6 total not 6 pairs)
  • You may substitute one mythic FOR two rares but the reverse is not allowed. IE. 0M 12R, 1M 10R, or 2M 8R
  • Be imaginative! We will be choosing winners based not just on the perceived power of a deck, but also variety, playability, fun factor, and how interesting the deck is. We want to showcase a wide variety of decks with different rarities and power levels to help spread deck ideas to all Mythgard players, while still leaving potential room for tweaking and tuning.
  • Users can submit up to 5 decks to the contest, so choose your submissions carefully!
  • We’re looking for a substantial number of decks - please don’t be shy about submitting your ideas!
  • Decks should be geared towards 1v1 (though they’ll be usable in 2v2 as well).
  • Please name your decks, and keep it appropriate!
  • A single person can have more than one of their submissions selected.

The contest ends on the 17th of May. Have fun and let us know what you submit!