A while ago, Mythgard introduced a daily reward system in the Specials tab of their Store, that offered players small amounts of essence, coins, or Mythril. Well, that system has been revamped to offer more consistent rewards, as well as to further incentivize people to log in the game daily. The new rewards are in the Missions tab, and are:

  • Day 1: 25 Coins
  • Day 2: 5 Essence
  • Day 3: 2 Mythril
  • Day 4: 50 Coins
  • Day 5: 10 Essence
  • Day 6: 5 Mythril
  • Day 7: One of many options:
    • Large amounts of Essence, Coins and Mythril;
    • Chance for an exclusive card trim, card back or board.

After which the cycle repeats itself.

However, this launch wasn't without hiccups. Apparently some players weren't receiving their Essence. The problem has since been fixed, and Rhino games released a code to make up to those affect. You can claim this code even if the bug did not affect you. To gain 100 Essence, enter the code ESSENCEMAKEUP in the Redeem Code section of the store (iOS users cannot redeem the code).