Cerberus Unchained

Cerberus Unchained Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Core
  • Faction Oberos
  • Rarity Epic
  • Cost 6
  • Strength 3
  • Health 9

Flavor Text

He was caged for millennia, so these walkies are long overdue.


Excerpt from the bestselling <i>Sands of Hades: My Date with Persephone</i> by Ariel ...We’re there in Ixion’s banquet hall as the guests of honor… really just trying to make sure we don’t drink anything that once flowed through something’s veins. Out of nowhere, Ixion says he’s going to prove his claim to the throne of the underworld. Suddenly there’s a three-headed dog the size of a house looming over the banquet table. Then things get really awkward because everyone sees that the dog's tail is wagging like the happiest puppy in the world.


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