Conviction Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Core
  • Faction Parsa
  • Rarity
  • Cost 1
  • Strength 0
  • Health 0

Card Text

Give a minion \1Slayer {0}\0 and \1Overrun\0.

Flavor Text

Do not worry about mere claims of strength or prowess, fear the ones who truly believe they are right.


Excerpt from the bestselling <i>Sands of Hades: My Date with Persephone</i> by Ariel These billboards are not mere propaganda. They are propaganda of a sort, of course, but they are also imbued with both faith and power. They carry magic similar to the call to serve that angels feel when in Parsa. Percy said they made her “itchy.” I had to look up what that meant.


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