Dead Man's Eyes

Dead Man's Eyes Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Core
  • Faction Oberos
  • Rarity Rare
  • Cost 2
  • Strength 0
  • Health 0

Card Text

When occupying minion dies, flip a coin: If heads, draw a card. If tails, gain \2\0 temporary mana.

Flavor Text

Two coins for the ferryman.


Man, I tell ya... I've been working in this morgue for 17 years. I'd never seen a stiff with coin on da tongue. Da family really doesn't want him to come back. Coin is for an old fart called Charon [laugh]. Ya want me to tell ya what he does? He takes it, flips it, and takes this stiff on the otha side or [laugh] rolls body off into da river eventually. Yeah, Charon - he has pockets full a' gold and a dirty mind full of sad jokes. <i>Lore submitted by scratched vinyl</i>


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