Vulcan Bladegorger

Vulcan Bladegorger Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set Rings of Immortality
  • Faction Oberos
  • Rarity
  • Cost 1
  • Strength 2
  • Health 2

Card Text

When you play a card with \1Forged\0, deal {0} damage to your opponent.

Flavor Text

There's molten metal and fire and swords and brilliant— Look, it's an extremely hard act to follow!


The molten metal went down surprisingly smoothly, with very little smoke and nary a whiff of burning flesh. The blowtorch-like belching that followed was just for laughs. Their eyes and chest glowed with heat energy from within as they raised the blade-less hilt to their upturned lips and pulled the internally-forged blade upward out of their esophagus.


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