The Bastard of Autolycus

The Bastard of Autolycus Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set The Winter War
  • Faction Oberos
  • Rarity Mythic
  • Cost 6
  • Strength 4
  • Health 4

Card Text

\1Awaken\0: If this lane is unenchanted, take control of an enchantment in the opposing lane.

Flavor Text

My dear, for you I would steal the earth itself just to sweep you off your feet.


Times of conflict always make the work of a robber baron interesting and varied; the shift from material heists to the theft of information was nothing new, but why the Dreni government wanted information about an abandoned mining camp on the frozen side of nowhere... ...Anyway, that was last month. <b>This</b> month, an unlikely band of warrior women and what appeared to be <i>ninjas</i> were willing to pay handsomely for information about enchantment barriers; and no matter what the world is coming to, being handsome and getting paid go hand in hand.


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