Volkov Induction

Volkov Induction Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set The Winter War
  • Faction Dreni
  • Rarity Uncommon
  • Cost 1
  • Strength 0
  • Health 0

Card Text

Give a minion +{0}/+{1} and make it a Canine.

Flavor Text

It will be a day of pain... but also excitement and joy; after today, you are a member of the Great Pack!


Dr. Nabokov stared at me with icy gray eyes through thick glasses. "You'll go to sleep, and when you wake, it'll be done." I didn't feel reassured, not that she cared. I've never seen a volchitza before, didn't even know they could exist in fact. I wondered if maybe that was some secret part of the process, though I daren't ask. It was all a jumble in my mind as I tried hard not to think about the pain I knew I'd soon feel. "This won't hurt at all" she said, indifferent to the obvious lie. It was as if she'd seen too much pain... no, felt too much of it herself, that none of it registered any more.


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