Forbidden Floors

Forbidden Floors Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set The Winter War
  • Faction Harmony
  • Rarity Mythic
  • Cost 5
  • Strength 0
  • Health 0

Card Text

Look at the top 14 cards of an enemy player's deck. You may choose up to 4 cards to \1Banish\0. Reshuffle their deck and lose 1 life for each card chosen.

Flavor Text

Headed down?


The elevator stands empty, doors open and beckoning. You glance around to see if anyone else had already pushed the call button before stepping inside. After a moment, the doors close after you with a metallic thump. Without really looking, you reach out to jab at the 5th floor button and are surprised when your finger doesn't stop at the panel; something wet and rough <i>moves</i> around the digit as it penetrates what feels like a hole where the button should have been. The packet of papers and folders you were cradling slaps against the floor of the elevator as your hand jerks away from what appears to be a perfectly normal glowing number five. The elevator lurches into motion as you hesitantly stoop to pick up your things...


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