Yara from Arawaka

Yara from Arawaka Card Image

Card Stats

  • Set The Winter War
  • Faction Aztlan
  • Rarity Mythic
  • Cost 3
  • Strength 2
  • Health 3

Card Text

\1Breach\0: Look at the top 3 cards of the opponent's deck. Choose one to copy without gems in its cost and add it to your hand. Shuffle everything back.

Flavor Text

Oho! Another fascinating discovery...


You seem to be suffering under the misapprehension that the Magpyre Corporation was built from mere money. Sure, Dr. Totolin's business sense was a factor; but this is, fundamentally, a dynasty of progress. Your hunger, your <b>need</b> to know how everything works will ultimately presage how high you can climb in this organization, not mere material greed.


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