The year is 2013. The date? March 22. PAX East's schedule has a panel dedicated for "Blizzard Entertainment Presents" taking place as the show opens at 10 AM Eastern. Fans of the company from around the world are beyond excited about the idea that Blizzard is launching a new game. 

Quote From Blizzard

We’ve been working on a little something, different from our other games… It’s not a sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO, but it’s something we’re excited for you to get your hands on.

Rob Pardo takes the stage, greeting the audience and giving them a rundown of Blizzard's game history. Team 5. 15 Developers, Scrappy, Versatile, Experiment more, Faster development cycles. The cinematic plays and is met with applause.

Old Rexxar and Valeera

The Original Mage Borders

Personally, I prefer these lighter blue borders. Also, that card text...

Lorewalker Who?

Our friend, Lorewalker Cho, had very different art back in the day!

Hearthstone's First Caster

Ben Brode, may he and Second Dinner do wonders!

A Younger Blizzard

Who can you spot from the Hearthstone team in this photo?

What the Press Thought About Hearthstone

Quote From Game Press

“More importantly, it won me over on a genre that, 24 hours earlier, I couldn't have cared less about. That doesn't happen every day.”

Based on appearance alone, this game looks close to being ready for release, and the artists should be proud of their handiwork.

My favorite aspect of Hearthstone so far are all of the little touches. For example, you can see which cards your opponent is fiddling with during gameplay. The decorative UI fringe has some light interactivity, such as a launchable catapult, to keep you entertained while your opponent takes their sweet time.
-  Mobile Nations

“So, my first impression after playing? Absolutely positive. Seeing how accessible the game is, I'm most excited to share it with other people. Hearthstone would allow my friends to play something with me without a huge investment of time or demand for skill.”
 WoW Insider

 “There is playing a card game, and then there is Blizzard's version of that. Everything in the game has an epic feel to it. From ending a deck, to casting spells, the power is in the players hands. Blizzard does spell effects the best and even in a small card game, you feel and see power in every turn. It is what sets them apart from other games.”

 “And with the incredible polish of the game’s presentation, and the promise of immediate accessibility to hardcore and casual gamers alike, I fear that no one will be safe from getting sucked into its rich and imaginative world and never wanting to come out.”

Watch the Panel

Relive the PAX East panel with a video of the whole reveal!