Today's reddit AMA has been full of great replies from the Hearthstone team, and that includes talking about the usually forgotten Wild format.

Alec Dawson of the game design team says that we should expect changes to two problematic decks in the Wild format - Quest Mage and Darkest Hour Warlock. This will be done by making adjustments to Open the Waygate and Bloodbloom, the details of which are not yet known but will be announced soon.

Open the Waygate Card Image Bloodbloom Card Image

How would you change the cards?

Quote From HS_Alec

For Wild, we know there has been a lot of very strong reactions to Quest Mage and Darkest Hour Warlock. These decks play in a one-player fashion similar to other decks we've nerfed in the past. There's going to be crazy combos in Wild, but we don't think these two decks in particular are healthy. Expect to see changes to Open the Waygate and Bloodbloom.