Dean Ayala has confirmed that the problematic Millhouse Manastorm in Battlegrounds is getting a nerf in a game update next week.

Millhouse Manastorm Card Image Manastorm Card Image

This news comes to us a little over a month after he let everyone know that Millhouse needed a buff due to him being the worst hero in all of Hearthstone's regions. I guess y'all overdid it just a bit =)

We don't yet know what the changes are going to be to Millhouse, but the update is going to hit in an update scheduled for early next week.

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This update will also include a buff to Libram of Justice and a nerf to Millhouse in BG. We'll continue to monitor live game data and player feedback and make any further changes as necessary.

Our expectation is that changes will slow down a little after this, at least in terms of card nerfs in constructed game modes. We have a larger battlegrounds update planned around mid-expansion. We hope you are enjoying Ashes of Outland and look forward to hearing your feedback.