It seems that Lord Sassen is completely ensnared by the beauty of Elise. Never at a loss for words, he decided to pour his heart into this love letter. Below you can find the various stages of "Oh, crap!" of their suspiciously one-sided relationship.

Quote From Legends of Runeterra
My Dearest Elise, It has been far too long since we last met, and longer still since you bade me visit you. Surely you have not forgotten how much I esteem you? Forget me not, my darling; I worship the very ground your lovely legs tread…

You are more radiant each time I see you, my lady. Your pale skin shines with an incomparable luster. As you pass in the streets attended by those unworthy of your attention, I am caught helpless, enraptured. If only you would favor me with your glance!

Shall I call upon you to-night? Last I came to your abode, there was no answer, but if you would not object to me letting myself in, I would lay such presents at your lovely feet. Roses from the High Gardens, as red as your lips…

Would you dine with me, my queen? Perhaps this time, I might entertain…? If you would not take it amiss, the presence of the cobwebs in your home leaves me somewhat… unsettled. Should you so desire, I have a maid who would happily attend to these matters if so instructed.

Please, say you will see me again! I know better now than to dispose of your little house guests, which are no doubt as helpful as they are harmless. I promise my mistake will not be repeated.

I believe I saw one of your… pets… adorned with an expensive-looking headband given by Lord Istris to his wife some years ago, but surely it is not the same one? If that piece did not please you, perhaps I might offer you a priceless diadem from my collection, instead?

To ascend the stairs of your home always seems to take an eternity, and though your pets unsettle me, I climb each time with fond eagerness and admiration in my heart. At the top lies my lady love, my slender goddess, my queen!

Oh, Elise! You captivate me! Your beauty arrests me, and I am powerless in your tender embrace. You have only to ask, my love, and I will give you my heart. Yours without question & endlessly devoted, Lord Sassen