What an exciting week! First of all, we got to see the new Basic and Classic cards that would fill in the gaps created by cards that were moved to Hall of Fame earlier. This was followed by an expansion teaser that was less than subtle about the things to come. After all that hype, it's good to just sit down and relax with some Wild decks. Be sure to visit the decks for guides the authors have so kindly written!

Don't forget to visit us on Monday as we're anticipating the expansion announcement!
Set your alarms to 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CEST! Everybody on board the hype train!

Quest Mage

Let's start it nice and slow and make our turns last three turns instead. The variant bsenk has created doesn't have the infinite Fireball combo, nor does it run Alexstrasza but instead it utilized Archmage Vargoth for some extra spell madness. "Big Priest is autowin", bsenk promises.

Odd Hunter

Let's pick up the pace and go straight to face. Scarletspartan wastes no time when playing those small minions and clicking away that Ballista Shot. Don't you dare think about trading!

Secret Paladin

Some true Wild madness right here! W0lfr1c wasn't satisfied with just a couple of Secrets and went with a whopping 14 of them. Other decks merely adopted Secrets, this one was born and molded by them.

C'Thun Warrior

I promise I try very hard to not post decks from same people all the time. I blame Watermelon86 for using my greatest weakness (C'Thun) against me. Last week's brawl reminded me of all the C'Thun funtimes of the past and I just can't help trying to get more faithful servants for The Great Eye.

Nomi Priest

RenoJackson (pro player, not the card) has yet again made me avoid Twitter searching by posting another legend worthy list. Whereas the Standard version of Nomi Priest is heavy on spells and cycling cards, this delightfully different variant has a lot more minions and some additional ways (Fel Reaver, Hemet, Jungle Hunter) to get rid of the extra cards.

I should end this post here but I just can't avoid mentioning RavenSun's Zoo [Insert Class Here], a deck that uses only neutral cards and those multi-tribe synergies we got from Karazhan. Ok, now I'm good.

If you still want more, take a look at these Wild decks to see if you find something that fits you better. If you came up with something brand new and amazing, create a Wild deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!