Once upon a time, heroes gathered to witness the creation of something special!

Hearthstone's first stream-created card back, Faerie Tail, is now yours to earn!

A few months ago, Hearthstone Artist, Luke Mancini, went through the card back concept process on stream. We got to see a few different versions of card backs he was considering for the September card back before finally landing on the Faerie Dragon theme. After a few streaming sessions, we were left with a rough coloring of what would become this month's card back. It still had to go through the 3d modelling process and effects to get it to where it is today, but this was a very awesome insight into the development process of one part of the large game that is Hearthstone.

Are you looking forward to unlocking the Faerie Tail card back? Go win 5 ranked games in either Standard or Wild and it is all yours! If you need a deck to play, you can find some community created Hearthstone Decks to take you there.