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New Zendikar Rising Cards for September 2

Cards are sorted by their color and then with the oldest reveals first.

  • Modal Dual-Faced Cards have their own section at the bottom so you can see the front and reverse easily.

September 2 White Cards



Taticas Preaticadas

  • Instant
  • Choose target attacking or blocking creature. Practiced Tactics deals that creature an amount of damage equal to twice the number of creatures in your party. (Your party consists of up to one each of Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard.)

September 2 Blue Cards


Into the Roil 1U

  • Instant
  • Kicker 1U
  • Return target nonland permanent to its owner’s hand. If this spell was kicked, draw a card.

September 2 Black Cards



September 2 Red Cards



Concordant Spell 4R

  • Instant
  • Concordant Spell deals 4 damage to target creature and deals X damage to that creature's controller, where X is equal to the number of creatures in your party.

September 2 Green Cards


September 2 Artifact Cards


September 2 Multicolor Cards



September 2 Modal Dual-Faced Cards



Skyclave Cleric 1W

  • Creature - Kor Cleric
  • When Skyclave Cleric enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life.

Skyclave Colonnade

  • Land
  • Skyclave Colonnade enters the battlefield tapped. {T} Add {W}


This does 1 damage to any target, if a permanent that was dealt damage with this would die this turn, instead exile it.

Each opponent loses 4 life and you gain 4 life.

New Zendikar Rising Cards for September 1

We didn't have a dedicated post yesterday for some of the reveals, though most made it into the preview stream recap. Here are the ones that didn't!

Hell Hound of Akoum
Elemental Dog
Landfall - HHoA gets +2+2 EOT

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