In addition to the much-requested multi-friend Battlegrounds lobbies, the format will get some fresh heroes and minion changes as well in Patch 18.2.

New Heroes

Three Scholomance "professors" will be joining the fray: Lord Barov, Jandice Barov, and Forest Warden Omu. These heroes will be officially released on September 22, but players with Battlegrounds perks will have early access to them, as accustomed.

Lord Barov

  • Friendly Wager [Cost 1]
    • Guess which player will win their next combat. If they win, get three Coins.

Jandice Barov

  • Swap, Lock, & Shop It [Cost 0]
    • Swap a friendly non-golden minion with a random one in Bob’s Tavern.

Forest Warden Omu

  • Everbloom [Passive]
    • After you upgrade Bob’s Tavern, gain 2 Gold this turn only.

Minion Changes

One new minion will be added: Micro Mummy! It will essentially replace Mecharoo, which will be removed with the patch.

Additionally, Pack Leader will get a small nerf where both its own Attack and the Attack buff it gives will be changed from 3 to 2.