A couple of months ago, we datamined six new heroes that were going to be added to the game. Hallow's End 2020 is bringing us two of those heroes, including a new Paladin skin - Horseman Uther.

The skin resembles the Headless Horseman, a Warcraft classic for Halloween, with a slight bit of that Paladin flair that we all know and love. The bundle that Horseman Uther comes in won't be cheap at $25 USD, though you do get a decent deal out of it if you still have cards from Scholomance Academy you want to collect.

The Horseman Uther Bundle contains:

  • 25 Scholomance Academy packs
  • 1 random Scholomance Academy Legendary
  • Horseman Uther Hero skin

Are you considering picking up the hero? We'll have more details once the patch drops tomorrow to help you make up your mind - hopefully, the hero has some unique voicelines unlike Scholar Jaina and the upcoming Rexxar skin.

Quote From Blizzard

Available from September 29 to October 13, this bundle includes 25 Scholomance Academy packs, the Horseman Uther Hero skin, and one random Scholomance Academy Legendary card $24.99 USD.